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Thanks to all for the suggestions

Themetricsystem wrote:

A good Animal Companion-focused Druid who avoids offensive spellcasting should be able to afford to have lower Wisdom so you can play a heartier sort of physical Character.

It will let you choose to be flexible enough to stand either in the front, middle, or rear and also have a fairly formidable secondary unit on the battlefield to help with Flanking, positioning, and even act at a damage/attack sponge when things get really hairy.

This could tie in well with your tribe culture and theme as well if you choose an Animal Companion that is thematic to your region/history/clan etc too. Just be mindful that your Armor choices ARE a bit limited and if you want to use a Shield it will need to also be essentially considered disposable as wooden shields tend to get broken after one or two attacks if Shield Block is used.

I like this idea. Any thoughts on free archetype to compliment?

NECR0G1ANT wrote:

Also, it looks like the Monk is your only front-liner? You might want to play a martial or gish instead.

I had the same thought about only one front-liner. The GM's opinion was that it shouldn't be a concern as he'll adjust the encounters to account for it. I wasn't convinced.

Along those lines, I had thought a druid/fighter.

Our group is starting a new campaign in a homebrew setting. We're using free archetype rule and I'm having a hard time choosing class/archetype. The rest of the party consists of Investigator/Witch, Gunslinger (sniper)/Rogue and Monk/Medic.

Our campaign setting is steam punk fantasy but with magic enhancing/supplementing technology. In our campaign setting, magic is tied to ley lines. Magic can be collected from ley line nodes and stored. The GM and I have reviewed the ley line section in SoM and we'll use some of those mechanics.

Flavor-wise, my character’s origin is similar to Golarian’s Shoanti. I was trained to be the tribe's shaman. The campaign will start in a city. I’m wanting to play a spellcaster as I’ve not played one before. I've been leaning towards a druid or arcane sorcerer as my base class. I'm thinking my character's development will explore the balance of traditional/modern and magic/tech as it's reflected in our world..

I'm looking for ideas to help with party balance and support my character development.


Cintra Bristol wrote:
What kind of Sorcerer is already in the group? If it's not arcane, than I lean toward the wizard; if the sorcerer has the arcane spell list, then either option probably works.

She's a Primal Sorcerer.

I admit that part of the appeal to Wizard is thinking about arcane spells and party needs at higher levels.
Thanks for the input.

Great input. Thanks everyone.
Any thoughts on the class selection question?

The Situation
Our group just finished our first game, Fall of Plaguestone. Two group members, myself and my friend, played AD&D a few decades ago. The rest of the group is my friend's wife, his two daughters and my son. So, two of us are rusty and 4 brand new players.
The game went well after a few sessions getting familiar with the rules and mechanics. Our kids had a challenging time getting into the idea of role play but they seemed to make some progress.
For our next adventure, the kids want to keep their characters. My friend's character died at the end of Plaguestone and he's going to GM our next game. His idea is to let the survivors of Plaguestone (2 druids, a sorcerer and an alchemist) and my to-be-created character start Age of Ashes at 4th level.


    * Does this make sense?
    * Should he raise the encounter stats to make it more challenging for the party?
    * Should he keep the encounters as they are so we earn less XP until the CR begins to match our party level?
    * Are there resources you can recommend to facilitate making the encounters more difficult?
    * I'm leaning towards an Investigator or Wizard, so I can use knowledge skills to add lore context and hopefully facilitate role play.
    * Any other thoughts on why we should or should not be doing this?

Thanks for the help. Please no spoilers.