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I learned some Imperial for the sole purpose of RPG's. I translate imperials values to metric using rough numbers, when I describe rooms or landscape as a DM.
A pound is about ½kg, 30 feet is about 10 meters. It's not correct, but good enough for fantasy.

I like the abstraction of Bulk. It limits the fighter to not run around with 20 sword because it's not above his carry limit.

It continues after the Detecting-box on page 302

A printer-friendly version is a must for me. I know it looks cool, but it's difficult to write notes a background.
Love the landscape

Did this thread come to any conclusion?

I was hoping for an official post from Paizo.

How about a scenario where you hit more targets. How will the ekstra damage be resolved?

Scorcing ray is cast at three targets. Will the extra damage be dealed on the first ray (a) or dealed out evenly (b)?

Example a
Target 1 gets 4d6+6 dam
Target 2 gets 4d6 dam
Target 3 gets 4d6 dam

Exaple b
Target 1 gets 4d6+2 dam
Target 2 gets 4d6+2 dam
Target 3 gets 4d6+2 dam

As i read Intense Spells (Su) it should be as example a.

I didn't read this thread as a way to power. But a way to clarify the vaguely text "Sorcerer: Add +1/2 to fire spell damage."

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Good question. I'm about to play a halforc sorcerer aswell so i look forward to peoples answer.

With fireball, burning hands and such with one save and one damage roll its should be +6 to damage. No doubt about that.

But Scorcing Ray. It's three rays, three attack rolls and three damage rolls. I think it should be +6 for each ray. Just as resistance reduce the damage for each ray.
It is not 12d6+18 it's 3 times 4d6+6.

The same question can be asked about the Elemental Pupil trait from the pathfinder companion: Qadirae. The trait gives one ekstra elemental damage on elemental spells.

I have no idea how many european subscribers there is. But i know that some of my friends will not subscribe because of the import tax.
If the group of european subsribers is large, and calculating 10%-20% gain of subscibers from the people that wont subscribe because of the import tax. I hope Paizo will reconsider making a european shipping department.

We have open borders within EU. Anything shipped from within EU will go allmost unnoticed. There is actually companies based on repacking boxes to get around import taxes. I thought about using a service like that. But if the golem got a solution that would be better.

Im scared to se how much extra im gonna pay for my battle case...

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I live in Denmark in Europe. I like how easy it is to updated with the latest Pathfinder product by subscribing.

But because the books is shipped from USA to Denmark I have to pay alot money in tax and toll to get it through customs. The toll and tax is 70 to 110% extra to the cost of the products.
Example: When i got my last shipment i had to pay an extra 85% in toll and tax to get it.

If there was a way to have the subscribed products shipped from within europe. That would be alot easier to get my products. And maybe it could bring the shipping time down from the 9 to 36 days.

Or maybe if i were able to pick up my book from a local gaming store. Just like if I preordered it.
I could just preorder it at the local gaming store, but I don't want to lose the subscribtion benefits.

I wouldn't mind paying a higher price for my books, as long as I could get away from the high tax and toll penalty.

Is there a business idea there?