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Init +3 | AC 16(13) | HP 26/26 | Saves: S+2/D+3/C+4/I+3/W+0/C-1 | Perc +2 | 2Wind: [X] | Surge: [X] | ArcRec: [ ] | Spells: 1st (1/2) | Insp: [ ]




Common, Draconic, Elvish, Sylvan

Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 8

About Larissa Galanodel

[dice=Longblade]1d20+5[/dice], [dice=Slashing Damage]1d8+5[/dice]
[dice=Fire Bolt]1d20+5[/dice], [dice=Fire Damage]1d10[/dice]

Hit Dice:
d10: 2/2
d6: 1/1

Features and Abilities
Racial Abilities: High Elf
Speed of 30ft
Keen Senses: proficient in Perception
Fey Ancestry: advantage against being charmed, magic can't put me to sleep.
Trance: Can meditate for 4 hours in place of sleeping for 8 hours
Elf weapon training: Proficient w/ longsword, longbow, shortsword, shortbow
Cantrip: Know one cantrip from the wizard list, INT-based (fire bolt)
Extra Language (Draconic)

Fighter 2
Fighting Style: Dueling - When wielding a melee weapon in one hand and no other weapons, gain +2 damage.
Second Wind: 1/rest heal 1d10 plus fighter level as a bonus action.
Action Surge: 1/rest can take an extra action on my turn.

Wizard 1
Cantrips: Learn a number of cantrips as shown in table.
Spellbook: Contains six 1st-level spells. Add 2 spells each time I gain a wizard level.
Spells: Can prepare INT + wizard level spells, then spend daily slots to cast from among them.
Ritual Casting: Can ritual-cast any ritual spell in my book, even if it's not prepared.
Arcane Recovery: 1/day after a short rest, can recover some spell slots. Total spell level of recovered slots can be up to half my wizard level (rounded up).

Background: Knight
Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Vehicles (land), one language.
Feature: Retainers - Have the service of three loyal retainers who assist me in non-dangerous tasks, such as maintaining my gear.
Traits: The common folk love me for my kindness and generosity. Despite my nobility, I do not place myself above others. In fact, I bear a certain amount of distaste for the very concept of nobility.
Ideal: It is the duty of the strong (whether strong of arms, position, means, or aptitude) to protect and assist the weak. I cannot abide the abuse of power.
Bond: The common folk must see me as a hero of the people.
Flaw: My position as a noble is based in part on a lie told by a good-hearted fellow who wanted me recognized for my aid. If discovered, this could ruin not only my reputation, but the lives of those who have come to depend on me.

Skill and Tool Proficiencies
Arcana +5
Athletics +2
History +5
Insight +2
Perception +2

Spellcasting (DC 13)
Total Cantrips Known: 4
Fire Bolt (1action, 120ft, VS): Ranged spell attack, 1d10 fire damage.
Light (1action, Tch, VM): Touched object sheds 20ft bright plus 20ft dim light for 1 hour or until I cast again.
Prestidigitation (1action, 10ft, VS): You create one of the following magical effects within range:
- Instantaneous harmless sensory effect (sparks, wind, faint music, smell, etc)
- Ignite/snuff a candle/torch/campfire
- Clean/soil object up to 1 cubic ft
- Chill/warm/flavor up to 1 cubic ft nonliving material for 1hr
- Make a color, small mark, or symbol appear for 1hr
- Create nonmagical trinket/illusory image in hand for 1 round
Can have up to 3 running at once.
Mending (1min, Tch, VSM): Re-seals a single break or tear no longer than 1ft, leaving no trace of original damage. Can repair magic items, but can't restore their magic.

Burning Hands (1action, 15ft cone, VS): 3d6 fire +1d6/level, DEX half.
Detect Magic (1action, self, VS, ritual): For up to 10min (conc), sense presence of magic within 30ft of self. If source is visible, can use action to see faint aura and learn school of magic (if any). Can penetrate barriers up to 1ft stone, 1in metal, 3ft wood/dirt, or thin sheet of lead.
Identify (1min, Tch, VSM, ritual): Component is pearl worth at least 100gp. Learn object's magical properties, how to use, attunement info, number of charges, and what spell(s) is/are affecting (or created) the object. Can instead cast on a creature to learn what spells are affecting it.
Mage Armor (1action, Tch, VSM): Touch a willing creature who isn't wearing armor. Base AC becomes 13 + DEX. Lasts 8 hours or until they don armor or I dismiss as an action.
Sleep (1action, 90ft, VSM): Affects 5d8 (+2d8/level) HP worth of creatures within 20ft of target point. Lowest-HP creatures affected first. Lasts 1 minute or until sleeper takes damage or another creature spends an action to wake them.
Thunderwave (1action, self, VS): Deals 2d8 (+1d8/level) thunder damage to creatures in 15ft cube centered on me, and pushes them 10ft away. CON save halves damage and negates push. Unsecured objects fully within area are pushed 10ft, and the "boom" can be heard 300ft away.

Spells Prepared (4)
Burning Hands
Mage Armor

Longblade x2
Explorer's Pack: backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days' rations, waterskin, 50ft rope
Fine clothes
Signet ring
Scroll of pedigree
Arcane focus (crystal)
Anti-toxin x2
Healing jelly???
Potions??? x5

64 gp

Magic Items

Larissa Galanodel was nobody special, just an amateur elven adventurer. She knew how to handle herself with a sword well enough, and was beginning to dabble in magic after an expedition with an ill-prepared freelance group nearly cost her life. She had saved up some money, and wanted to enroll in a wizarding academy in Waterdeep. However, on her way there, she passed through an alleyway and saw a man threatening a family of four (one of whom was already on the ground). She intervened, swords were drawn, and when the dust settled, the man doing the threatening and the father of the threatened family were both dead.

Guards arrived, and Larissa soon learned that the common thug was in fact a local noble who had merely been "disciplining" his servants. Thus, Larissa was taken into custody for murder, and the survivors from among the fatherless family were taken into custody for "causing a ruckus". After two days in prison, she fully expected the lot of them to be headed for the gallows, but what happened next surprised her.

Instead of being hanged, she was released. The officer who returned her effects to her mentioned something about how she should have mentioned her knighthood sooner. Among the belongings that were returned to her were a signet ring she'd never seen and a scroll of pedigree with her name on it. Though confused, Larissa thought quickly and asked that the servants be handed over to her as "compensation", and to her surprise, her request was granted.

Larissa then experienced a change in lifestyle. She gained something of a reputation, and townsfolk who wouldn't have given her the time of day before would now offer polite nods when passing her in the street. The academy she had hoped to have enough money to get a few lessons from instead took her on for free because of her rank and reputation. In the meantime, the human family she had rescued (a woman in her late thirties named Bella, her teenage son Tord, and ten-year-old daughter Lia) came to live with her as her "retainers", thus shielding them from further persecution from their former employer's family.

Larissa never found out where her newfound nobility had come from, though she thought she saw someone wink at her when she left the guardhouse on the day of her release; unfortunately, the person was across the street in a crowd and she didn't get a good look at them. Larissa fears that one day she will be found out, risking not only her own life but also those of Bella, Tord, and Lia. As a result, when monk and scholar Leosin Erlanthar invited her to the smaller town of Greenest, she jumped at the excuse to get out of town and try to get back to the lifestyle she knew. She brings her "retainers" with her, hoping to earn enough cash to support them for a while and hopefully set them up for a new life, out of the shadow of their old masters.