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Full Name



LG Infernal-Tainted Fey, Paladin


HP currently 11 of 18 . . . . AC 16



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Lanezra

The Past:
Two generations ago the Succubus Warlock of Asmodeus, Lilith, came to Faerun to impregnate herself with various mortals, intent on spreading her Infernal heritage throughout the Prime Material world. One of these fathers, a clever Satyr in the Moonwood (called the Glimmerwood by outsiders), successfully tricked Lilith after their son's birth and stole the child away, leaving an irate but impotent Succubus Warlock of Asmodeus far behind.
Meanwhile, in a more distant, more remote part of the Moonwood than the eyes of humankind see, The Princess of Swan Maidens was wed to the Prince of Huldras in the hope that their offspring would become a great monarch of Fey in the Moonwood. The daughter they bore showed all the potential of true nobility until the drow, helped by the Night Hag, Sanguine Agatha, kidnapped the girl Fey.

By the Luck of the Fey, or the Fate of the future, Sanguine Agatha and her drow took the girl to a mountain cave in the Spine of the World where a certain Satyr and his young son, the son of a Succubus Warlock of Asmodeus, had been living in hiding.

The ensuing battle saw the Satyr being helped by Dwarven allies with whom a friendship had been made, the end of which saw the drow defeated, Sanguine Agatha fled, and the Satyr killed.

The young boy Cambion, son of a Succubus and Satyr, and the young girl Fey, daughter of a Swan Maiden and a Huldra, met and were raised together by dwarves in The Spine of the World, just north of the Moonwood.

The Present:
Lanezra was born 26 years ago, a crossbreed of Fey with an Infernal taint. Growing up among the dwarves who raised his orphaned parents he received the education of a sage but rebelled in mischief against the lawful, pragmatic and, to him at least, banal lifestyle that must infuse the very stone of The Spine of the World. He was every bit the Rogue of the dwarf clan. All he wanted was to escape to The Moonwood.
And escape he did.

Alone in the Moonwood, temporary allies with Pixies and Sprites, Quicklings and Nymphs, Lanezra revels in his Roguishness, despite his comparative sluggish reflexes and clumsy dexterity.

Indeed, compared to the other Fey he is slow and deliberate -- thoughtful and honest.
Too much like a dwarf.

But to the drow that have just ambushed Lanezra and his playful friends, he is either a slave for torture or a slave for labor.

Unsure how many of his Sprite, Pixie, Grig and Nymph friends have survived the attack, all Lanezra knows is that if he is going to escape to find freedom and, perhaps vengeance, he will have to use both his Roguish mischievousness, and his Lawful sagacity.

The Future:
Lanezra is an atypical Rogue, having THREE Ability Scores higher than Dexterity. He is quickly moving from Chaotic Good to Neutral Good and long before he reaches second level (maybe even by three or four posts in Gameplay or Discussion), he will become Lawful Good.

Lanezra is a Sage and Diplomat.

And the events which unfold in the campaign will drive him to become a Paladin. I will learn to which LG deity he swears his sacred oath during play and with the help of the DM and other PCs. But at second level Lanezra will multi-class into Paladin. (He will remain a Sage and Diplomat.)

Character Build:


Rogue-1 / Paladin-2 of Oghma

Move 30
Initiative +1

HP: 18
AC: 16

Halberd +4 1d10 +2

+2 CHA, +1 to INT & STR
Advantage on Charm Saves
Immune to magic Sleep

Religion Half Elf *Expertise*
Survival Half Elf
Arcana Sage
History Sage
Deception Rogue *Expertise*
Insight Rogue
Investigate Rogue
Persuasion Rogue

Common, Elven, Sylvan (Half Elf); Infernal, Dwarven (Sage); Thieves' Cant (Rogue)

Sneak Attack
Divine Sense
Lay on Hands 0 /10
Defensive Fighting Style

Smite Evil 1d8 damage
Command....WIS Save or Approach, Drop Items, Flee, Grovel, Halt
Thunderous Smite....Swift; 2d6 Thunder damage <300' sound>; STR Save or be knocked 10' & Prone

Bag of Holding
+2 Studded-Leather Armor