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Recon back a the Tilneros house before the group went to the meet up a the Hungry Hound.

"These are trying times for many." She looks at Daniel, "We are fortunate to have you at the apex."

The thought of outright rebellion startles the Lady. "W..w..well let's hope she is at the Hungry Hound." She all but stammers.

"My goodiness it is good to see you, so much has happened in the last couple hours. I'm afraid it's not good news." She steadies herself, "The Navy is only a few hours away!" She stops to listen to the group's reports, comments and concerns.

"Stolen arework and gems? You're going to sell stolen property?"

While Areal and party discuss the Council, Lady Sacar is holding a sealed scroll. when there is pause in the discussion, she states, "This arrived this morning from Talberd, it is addressed to you:

magic item loot:

We've arrived and secured Walcourt, everything is in order now. We had a bit of trouble with a few shadows and dark folk but they were quelled with minimum injury to our units.

I have not yet begun to categorize and count the vast coin but have been able to identify the magic items in the chamber. they include the following:

A) A suit of +2 ghost touch chainmail,
B) A +3 light crossbow,
C)A 5-foot-by-10-foot carpet of flying, and
D) a bronze griffon figurine of wondrous power.

I do note that there are several stolen painting and art work amongst these items. Most of which has long been reported stolen. There are 14 pieces of art worth an average of 2,000 gp each. (11 of the 14 pieces of art)

I've been able to assess the value of the gems to a relative degree of certainly there are 7 magnificent jewels worth 5,000 gp each - three of which are clearly stolen property. There are 52 lesser quality gems worth a total of 17,700 gold pieces. Along with 11 pieces of jewelry worth an average 1200 GP each (two of which I know are stolen as they once belong to me.)

It should take me the rest of the day to count the coin that is present.

It is clear that the seal has not been broken.

Lady Tilernos then joins in by suggesting, The most important goal,
therefore, should be to get the riots and looting and mayhem under control—indeed, this is likely the Council’s plan: let things spiral into chaos, then step in to re-establish order and convince Vourne that the Council has control. There’s no doubt that Thrune doesn’t care who rules Westcrown, so long as they do so without causing a fuss, and this would give the Council of Thieves an incredibly successful and powerful grip
on the city’s future."

"You've done a mighty deed and service to all..." a very short pause, ...but let's not get ahead of ourselves, you've exposed the council and damaged a significant pod but there are other elements, those I fear have gathered their strength and forces under the siblings." She signs a bit, "You've done excellent work but this city is spinning in chaos right now, which is, and was, Chammady and Ecarrdian Drovenge's ultimate goal."

The Lord's wife motions for a round of fine mulled spiced wind to be poured for all present.

Lady Sascar blinks rapidly several times. I sure would like some icewhiskey with that water. Then she reaches out, her hand shaking slightly.

"Well lead on." Lady Sascar hesitates a moment when you all bring her through the bar. Her lips and throat suddenly parched. Her eyes shift to the bar, the casts and the goblets on the table. "'s been an eternity since I've quenched my thirst." her forehead glistens with sweat.

"I was blindfolded most the time but it smell absolutely horrendous. I think I was there right before being dragged to wherever I happen to be now."

She looks at her half-brother, Daniel, then over at Gerard and tries to keep a straight face. "Well Zizmort the Bold you and your friends are doing a fine job today." Then there is sudden ill look on her face. "There was another one held hostage a merchant's wife...I believe in a place that smelled terrible. We have to go get her."

"What type of evil sorcery is this?" As Lady Sascar eyeballs Ziz, watching it change shapes and speak. "While I'll can speak too." She seems genuinely interested. It's amazing what sobering up can do.

With a smile. Lady Sascar...pikewoman you mean.