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Full Name

D. Weaver




are you kidding?


very, very old


lawful good, with chaotic neutral tendencies


the One and Only!




English, French, German, Japanese and Sign



Strength 10
Dexterity 8
Constitution 12
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 16
Charisma 12

About Lady Aurora

Too lazy to be any stronger than 10. I sometimes trip over my own feet and am fairly ridiculous when engaged in sports (or worse - dancing!) though I enjoy both activities. The only thing that keeps my dexterity out of the negative numbers is my superior fine motor skills (talented pianist, flutist, seamstress, artist, and the fastest typists you've ever seen). I can and unfortunately have endured many things so my constitution is respectable - though I consider vomiting a social event (i.e. if someone else is doing it, I join right in!). I'm definitely the smartest person I know - like Wile E Coyote - supragenius! I am also always right (ask anyone - seriously!) so my wisdom also exceeds those of mere mortals. Though beautiful, charming, and witty, my loudmouthed, opinionated and sometimes abrasive tones and delivery lower my charisma down to moderate levels. I am the most considerate and loyal of friends but also a nasty vindictive enemy, who is often underestimated.
I love history, travel, dogs, and the color blue. I spend considerable amounts of time researching my family tree, scrapbooking, quilting, and raising my two adorable children. I also spend a lot of time plotting the demise of my hapless players. I've been playing D&D since 1979 and DMing since 1983.