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Full Name

Kyras Brokebond Ausk Jr.














common, orc, under-common, halfling, and elven


merchant, adventurer

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 8
Charisma 12

About Kyras Ausks

Favorite Class. 1st level hp

Spiked Gauntlet.+1(1d4+1)
Bomb.+2(1d6+3)+splash/ammo 6 a day
14=10+2dex+2 leather armor
Traits. charming,Resilient

Feats. extra discovery (feral mutagen) , extra bomb

Appraise 3(Int),+1rank,+3class=7
Bluff 1(Cha),+1tait=2
Craft (Alchemy)3(Int), +1rank,+3class,+1 level=8
Disable Device 2(Dex), +1rank,+3class =6
Heal -1(Wis),+1rank,+3class =3
Perception -1(Wis),+1rank,+3class=3
Profession (merchant) -1(Wis),+1rank,+3class=3
Survival -1(Wis), +1rank,+3class =3
Use Magic Device 1(Cha).+1rank,+3class =5

Gear. light load 43 or less med load 86or less heavy load 130 or less
current load 35
alchemist kit (5 lbs.)
artisans tools (5 lbs.)
backpack (2 lbs.)
winter blanket (3 lbs.)
10 candles (1 lb.)
map case (1/2 lb.)
5 pieces of chalk
fishhook and line
flint and steel
silk rope (50 ft., 5 lbs.)
5 sacks (2.5 lbs.)
sewing needle & thread
signal whistle
spell book
5 torches (5 lbs.)
2 waterskins (8 lbs. full)
whetstone (1 lbs.)

Alchemist Formula Know
1st level *note prepared
cure light wounds*, enlarge person*, shield, crafter’s fortune, ant haul

Kyras Ausk Jr. stands about 6 feet tall with a wide but agile build with dark olive skin and sandy blond hair. Having only slightly larger canines instead of the tucks of his father, and bright brown eyes rather the red ones of his mother; the more extreme features of his heritage are drowned out by the human in him.

Kyras' father, Kyras Brokebond Ausk Sr. was a half orc that had adventured with a group for many years. On one of his expeditions to the under dark he found the love of his life, a beautiful half drow slave girl named Kali. Kyras Sr. killed the drow slavers and freed the other slaves. Ever charmed by her, he brought Kali and her human mother to his home orc tribe. He tried to retire and marry Kali, but was drove out by the rest of his tribe. They were not as keen on the mix marriage. Their growing aggravation promoted him to leave with his now pregnant wife. Kyras. not being a dumb man decided to begin a life as a merchant dealing in weapons. In the short time till Kyras Jr. was born, Kyras Sr. became well known along the trade routes as the safest way to get from place to place was along side his merchant cart. After his son was born, Kyras Sr. started looking for a wizard to tutor his boy to wield the powers of magic. After many years of failed attempts to get wizards to leave their towers to join him, his boy was about to be a man and he was desperate not to let his boy run in to honorable battle as he did. He lade eyes on Georges, a halfling alchemist able to gain power from potions. Even though he tried to tell Kyras Sr. he was no wizard, the man would hear not a word of it and offender a crazy amount of gold to teach his son. Georges was unable to turn down the half-orc down, and began teaching Jr. the art of potion making. Kyras Jr. grew to become a great alchemist using potions and mutagens to pull forward his heritage of drow and orc for grand power in combat, but often he just used his wit and skill to win over his foes as father always wanted . A skilled adventurer and merchant, he will often go in search of wealth where ever he can find it .