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Full Name

Scott Christopher Noel


Husband, Father, Factory Rep, Traveller, Diver, Martial Artist, Teacher, Gamer, and Aspiring Writer




6' 2"



Special Abilities

Taekwondo, Scuba Diving, Singing, Juggling


Nuetral Good


Protestant Christian


Dubai, UAE (and the surrounding Middle East)




National Sales Manager - Saudi Arabia

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14

About Kyr

The back story on my favorite PC and source of my messageboard alias:

Kyravahne Ryhlfayne

Kyravahne (aka Kyr) was born in the deep forests between Icewind Dale and Waterdeep on the Northern Sword Coast. A land of tall cedar, endless streams, thick fogs, and rugged coastlines. Kyravahne was born the youngest son of Kyr'Vinnel and Aryvan Ryhlfahne. Kyr'Vinnel was a luthier and musician, crafting and playing instruments in wood. Over time Kyr'Vinnel developed quite a reputation, not only for the musical quality of his instruments, but also for the richness of the ornamentation he was able craft into them, in both the local and classic elven styles.

The village of Kyr's birth is Thon'Ear (Sea Pine), a large town by elven standards (at least in the coastal forests). The local economy of Thon'Ear was relatively complex, integrating a variety of diversified bases the most prominent of which were: salmon fishing, seal hunting, whaling, trade with sea elves, and merfolk, the cultivation of exotic plants and fungi, and the shaping of wood.

Kyr'Vinnel never met with much financial success. But he did find true love in Aryvan Qyn'Staverril Vantishikk. Aryvan was unusual for an elf, over tall, with silver-white almost luminous hair, and glowing sapphire eyes (Aryvan attributes these and some other strange attributes to her maternal grandfather whose was rumored to be a dragon masquerading an elven warrior). Over time the couple was blessed with six children a daughter Mhyth, a son Shyr, twin girls Querai and Raythe (named for Aryvan's mother), a son Kyravahne, and the youngest a daughter Syrest.

After youth had left him and Kyr'Vinnel was at the far side of middle-age he was recruited by Arathein Myndriel a friend of Kyr'Vinnnel's father. Arathein Myndriel rose through the diplomatic ranks (he is currently the diplomatic equivalent of a Major) in the service of the Mage-Lord Khi'Rohr'Sayne. Arathein Myndriel too had a large family and when he was commissioned to begin a diplomatic and trade mission with the people of Icewind Dale he remembered his family's ties to the Rhylfahnes and offered Kyr'Vinnel a position in his entourage, as a music instructor to and crafter of instruments for his children. The position suited both Kyr'Vinnel and Arathein well. So well Kyr'Vinnel continued to travel with and work for the Myndriel family for the rest of his days.

As a tutor of music to the children of a relatively low ranking public servant with six children Kyr'Vinnel's financial resources were always stretched to breaking. Over the years the Rhylfahne's served in diplomatic missions in all manner of lands with many races of men. For many years the family traveled together, until the Myndriel's were assigned to establish trade with a faraway Dwarven outpost. Drow in the region did not want to see the dwarves forge a relationship with elves of the surface or gain access to elven magics. The Drow raided the mission.

Only two of the Rhylfahnes survived, Kyravahne and his youngest sister Syrest. The Myndriel's generosity and love for the Rhylfahnes continued. The Myndriel's formally adopted both Kyr and Syrest. Syrest was a baby and adapted well to the arrangement. For Kyr however the adjustment was more difficult, making the transition from servant to family member, from poverty to (relative) wealth, never sat well with Kyr, he always felt less than and outside of his new family. This plus the demands of having to grow up perpetually on the move, forever in the shadow of a successful powerful man, was difficult for Kyr. Unlike Arathein's natural children (his new siblings), Kyr didn't manifest great talent or ability early on and that too was hard for him. Arythvil (the eldest daughter) was an accomplished musician. Kyr'Syhl'Shari (eldest son) rose early into an elite and prestigious military unit of Arcane Archers. KalyShar and Valimyhrth (two younger daughters) served and rose quickly as priestesses to Ehlonna. While the youngest Vash had already gained repute as a Wizard by the time she was fifty. Kyr, by contrast, was above average at everything, exceptional at nothing, save perhaps the meaningless sports and games of childhood.

Kyr spent the balance of his youth living the life of a young elf abroad mingling with the locals learning their customs and cultures. As a member of an ambassador's family Kyr, now had access to the best tutors, and studied poetry, song, lore, and magic. However, Kyr never really took full advantage of his opportunities. And the majority of his instructors, sympathetic with his situation, tolerated his attitude.

Unlike Kyr's academic instruction, his martial instruction was intense and focused. Although, Arathein endured Kyr's rambling, lackluster, pursuit of his academic subjects, he would brook no lack of focus with regard to the art of personal combat. All the Mydriel household were drilled daily by the family's Master at Arms Curthayne Selbraith. Selbraith (Sel) tutored the children in all of the common instruments of war adapting the training to their individual strengths and weaknesses. With Kyr, Sel focused on techniques that leveraged agility and speed. Sel took his chosen profession very seriously and had little patience for Kyr's lackadaisical style. While Arathein responded to Kyr's lack of focus with avoidance and denial, Sel responded with an intensity that bordered on cruelty. He drilled Kyr mercilessly. Drills that ultimately resulted in pain blood, broken bones, and uncanny agility. Sel was frustrated both by the potential he saw lying untapped and his inability to awaken it in his young charge. It was Sel's opinion that if properly motivated Kyr would prove the most gifted of the Myndriel children. Sel loved Kyr as a grandfather loves, and away from training filled the role of male role model. It is Sel (not Kyr'Vinnel or Arathein) that Kyr seeks to emulate in his conduct and courage.

Over time, with privilege, access, and relative affluence Kyr's continued failure to meet expectations became a public embarrassment to the Myndriel family. Kyr liked the parties and the opportunities to mingle with dignitaries and merchants from across the Faerun, but had no taste for his adopted family's work.

Kyravahne came of age when the Myndriel family was stationed in the Moonshae Isles in Caer Callidyrr. Kyr began looking for employment, but in the war torn, human dominated Moonshaes options for a young elf visiting from the mainland were limited at best. Life sailing with the merchant traders seemed the best fit, for though Kyr was a bit lazy he had great charm and a sharp mind.

With Kyr's personality (and diplomatic connections) a career as a trader could given time have suited him well. However, Kyr found other idle youths before he found a captain looking for an apprentice. These companions were the younger sons of the local elven elite. Young men like himself with education, energy, and ability with limited opportunities to employee them. This crew of young elves through their charm, grace, and gold added much to the nightlife of Caer Callidyrr. Until one night Kyr and some of his friends found themselves in competition with some local human lordlings for the attention of some of the towns beauties. The ladies chose the lordlings and Kyr and his friends left. However, some of the humans took offense at words traded while they were in their cups and challenged Kyr and his friends in the alley behind the tavern. Kyr tried the path of diplomacy, but youth, liquor, and pride continued to escalate tensions. Eventually steel was drawn, and Kyr's friends fled. However, one of the lordlings caught Kyravahne as he attempted to escape. A struggle ensued in which Kyr managed to wrest a sword away from one of the nobles. What followed could more aptly be called a tragedy rather than a combat, a terrified, beaten, half-sober Kyr, defended himself against a pack of drunken young aristocrats. When Kyr was finally able to breakaway and flee two of the human lordlings lay dead.

The politics of the situation were clear even to Kyr. There was no way Kyr could continue to pursue work in the Moonshaes. Even when the true details of the situation became clear, the families of the dead lordlings would make life impossible for Kyr and his family. So to protect himself and the Myndriel's, Kyr fled. He found passage on a ship sailing to Waterdeep and was off.

Arathein and his wife Leann understood the situation, and though they loved Kyr, they disowned him publicly both to prevent a diplomatic incident and protect the family from personal repercussions. The shame and disappoint the Myndriel's felt for Kyr was public knowledge so the family's disavowal was accepted at face value rather than as a ploy to protect the family's interests. Kyr hasn't seen the Myndriel's (or his sister) since. Officially (at least in the Moonshaes) Kyr is an outlaw. Fortunately for Kyr however the personal grudges of petty nobles rarely extend past their own borders.

Once on the mainland Kyr found there was sufficient demand for his songs and stories to avoid real work. Kyr traveled for months playing for his supper and exploring the leaves of many forests. Kyr found life playing for coppers in small forest towns and villages rewarding in its own way. Recently however, Kyr decided to look for real adventure, to improve himself, and create legends of his own rather than simply retell them. Kyr began his career as an adventurer with dreams of one day returning as a Bard and Warrior of reknown, a son that the Myndriel Family (Kyr included) could be proud of. However, his recent experience with death has inspired Kyr to look for a calling beyond self-aggrandizement and familial honor. Kyr however has not yet discovered how to answer that call.

Kyr is tall and broad for an elf at 6'2. Kyr's features were inherited from his mother, pale blue skin, sapphire eyes, luminous silver white hair, as well as unusually long pointy ears (even for an elf), these elven features combined with his mothers eerie fey beauty and draconic blood have granted Kyr a slightly exotic aspect. So much so he is sometimes mistaken for a Child of the Wind (Air Genasi) (in poor light at a distance he has been mistaken for a Drow as well). Kyravahne enjoys the low body fat typical in elves. Training and practice with Sel (tumbling, fencing, archery, and dance) have combined to grant Kyr an unusually defined developed musculature for a moon-elf, as well as an exceptionally keen sense of balance.

The roots of Kyr's Bardic Knowledge are the academic subjects in a classical elven education: administration, elemental forces and powers (earth, fire, wind, water, and wood - the Rhylfayne family though shows a special bias towards water and wind), etiquette, fey creatures, geography, heraldry, history (elven), history (the common races of men), languages, magic, mathematics, mysticism, nature, navigation, poetry, political science, religion, woodcraft, zoology, as well as orientations to the various crafts and professions associated with the elven people.