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I always had a campaign like this in mind, specially if you also get a couple lawful-stupid NPCs trying to stop you from your evil plans.
Or if there are rumors about your party from town to town and they actually fear you, or pay you or do stuff just not to get into trouble with you.

there is my copy of Occult Adventures, right?

Yoon, Iconic Kineticist wrote:
Kyo Yamato wrote:
Maybe I missed something, but Yoon is not her real name, right? then what is her real name? I'd like to know
Yoon is my real name, Mr. Yamato. It's the name I chose. It's Eomma's name. Should I ask you if your name is really Kyo Yamato? C'mon, even Gom-Gom gets it, and he's a bear-owl!

Yeah, you got me there Yoon, I better stop asking or I will start having doubts about my real name, for real. (¿?)

Can't wait to get the book already.
I think one of the reasons this class is so popular is because everybody has an element which you can feel related to. (a favorite classic element)

Maybe I missed something, but Yoon is not her real name, right? then what is her real name? I'd like to know

heck yeah!! massive spoilers :D

I'm also very curious about Archetypes for this class

I guess we need a compendium or somewhere to look at all the answers and maybe a few spoilers :/

Soilent wrote:

What about Kinetic Healer?

It seems to outclass all healing spells by far.

You mean because it heals just like a lay on hands... plus BURN???

QuidEst wrote:
Rogue Eidolon wrote:

Who, me?

Incidentally, if you'd rather see more on one of these in particular before the end of July, express your preference. That preview blog will have to happen one of these weeks ;)

Aether Puppet has many possibilities, and they all intrigue me.

I want to know everything about fire, specially unraveling infusion. I hope we get to know more soon

If you use your kinetic blast to throw a flask of acid or stuff like that, do you get to deal the blast damage plus the acid damage?
Or if you throw a fishing net at them do they get entangled?

I'm a bit slow, all those talents are new stuff to be included for kineticists? o.O

Greetings, just wanted to know what you people think about Kineticists wild talents.
Which are the top 3 Wild talents from each group? (universal, aether, fire, water, earth and wind.)
Thanks for sharing your opinion :D

Sorry if somebody already asked, but are we getting new equipment and feats that work with Kineticists once the complete version gets released?

thank you all for the useful information. I hope they clarify everything in the final version of the class and make it so it works with more feats or make new feats for Kineticists :)

I'd like to know what feats interact or work with Kinetic Blast, I'm a bit confused since most obvious feats like "rapid shot" state that they work with a "weapon" por example, or stuff like Weapon Focus, etc.

Another problem is that (at least for many players) it is unclear/confusing how the Kinetic Blast interacts with some feats, stuff like Weapon Focus, Vital Strike, Rapid Shot, etc.

Also, it says it is a ranged attack, I can't find where it says that it is a standard action or not, so that means at higher levels I can shoot more than one Kinetic Blast using the full-round action attack?

I think they could solve the damage issue of the Kineticists if the damage scaled a bit, something like the Monk's unnarmed strike damage.

Is that right? there is no minimum weight to deal damage using Aether blast? So we can fling whatever is around even dust, small rocks, coins, etc. But what happens if the thing is something like an Alchemist's Fire or bomb, etc?

Would be great to add some more ways to interact with melee attacks and the blasts, something like the Magus does