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Anguish wrote:
On the gripping hand...

A shout out to my fellow Motie.

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Sara Marie wrote:
Let's keep feedback or requests for changes polite and free of aggressive language.

I politely request Paizo make the pre-existing PRD available to the public, in its entirety, in its pre-existing format, in perpetuity, even if it is never updated again.

I don't care who hosts it.
I don't care what the URL is.
I don't care if the landing page is a giant disclaimer stating is now the authoritative source for PFRPG rules and a big half-grinning half-snarling face of Nethys with big bright hyperlink to

Heck, I don't care if it's a chibi anime Nethys head as an animated GIF with embedded 8-bit MIDI sound jingle that I have no way of turning off. Just give me back what I had yesterday.

Simply auto-redirecting to was a slap in the face. You did not add anything to the gaming community; you took something away.

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Let me get this straight:

The main Paizo website is up and down for two weeks, ish, without explanation, despite frantic social media inquiries about the security of personal information and credit information, the availability of subscription information, and of non- playtest shipment information.
Then, this morning, the PRD is up and running.
Then the PRD redirects to an outside website, without warning, without a landing page, without any transition whatsoever?

My first thought was a browser hijack, then a DNS fault, then this very blog post shows in Firefox but not in IE, then despite multiple refreshes the time stamp doesn't update?

I'm still not convinced this isn't some elaborate fraud, because it is just not conceivable to me that a publishing company with a strong online presence for more than a decade could so short-sightedly mismanage such a drastic change in product identity. This is worse than when Netflix tried separating their disc rental service from their streaming service and rebrand the former as "Qwikster."

The publication of the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition changed not only my life but the landscape of gaming for my entire extended network of friends going back 25 years. If this is the kind of decision-making I can look forward to from Paizo on the cusp of a second edition, I have some serious reevaluation to work through.

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Is there now or can there be a sub-forum for Community-Created resources? Some central place where GMs (and players?) can post shareable documents such as form-fillable character sheets, rules cheat sheets, GM Screen material, maps for various tools, or anything else which creative playtesters might cobble together to help streamline game play?

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Re: Mirrors of Opposition:

I found it hard to swallow that a 90k gp magic item(s) could be destroyed by a rock, so I arbitrarily increased the hardness and hit points.

My rationale: I treated it like magic armor/weapons, wherein each +1 of enhancement bonus increases hardness by 2 and hit points by 10. The CL of the mirror is 15; magic armor made by a CL 15 caster can have up to a +5 enhancement (+1 per 3 levels), so my mirrors have hardness 11 and hp 51 (assuming 1" thickness). That's just my reasoning, your mileage may vary, of course.

Using the rules for energy attacks under Damaging Objects, I speculated glass would take half damage from acid, cold, electric, piercing, and slashing damage; and full damage from sonic or bludgeoning (although the rules for damaging objects further suggest double damage from a specific vulnerability, or bypassing hardness).

As an aside, I think it would be kind of cool to describe to players how a simulacrum generated after the mirror is damaged by acid or fire (for example) might appear to have pustules on its face, or charred bits of flesh.

As another aside, it just occurred to me that following up cold or fire damage with its opposite, or any similarly significant sudden temperature variance, should probably overcome the half-damage and/or hardness rule...

My challenge is that my group is 6 PCs and 2 cohorts with a total APL of 16.5-ish, having JUST entered Runeforge when the chapter advancement track suggests they should be APL 14. Sooo, I have a lot of "adjustment" to do in terms of encounter challenges :)