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Sorry about the walls in advance, I'm not great with brevity :P

The party I GM hasn't started Rise of the Runelords yet, but we have run a few sessions already. My younger sister also wants to learn how to gm, so we decided together to let her run a prequel adventure, the starting adventure Black Fang's Dungeon. I'm planning on weaving some more dragons into the story, and letting her experiment with writing an adventure herself.

Besides my sister, I got my mum and dad to join us. They're completely new, but have been interested in the hobby for a while because my sister and I are quite enthusiastic. So anyway, here is the party itself, all level 1:

Flint McCool: A 120ish years old Male Dwarven Cleric of Iomedae, think 4.5ft. tall Dr. Strangelove with a beard. As one of the initial settlers in Sandpoint, he's been researching the sedimentary process of rock formation in the area, and has taken up diving as a hobby in the process. The geological research he's doing has already given some hints to the nature of the civilisation that once made use of this land that's now submerged, though he hasn't gotten very far yet. An avid lover of lamb and mountain goat stew, he immediately took up the job to deal with the menace that brought peril to his dinner. This guy is played by my father, who's getting really into it. Also his name is fantastic, we'd been snickering whenever it came up during the first session.

Teal: A Female Human Fighter in her early 30s, who's mostly made a living in Sandpoint by doing hard labour and odd jobs. She's trying hard to make something from her life, having left her family's country farm at a young age to walk her own path in a different community. Despite her naturally strong body and spirit, she's somewhat insecure over her intellect. Though it's absolutely above average, people tend to think less of her because of her simple jobs, stubbornness, brashness, and so on. She's a regular customer at the Hagfish, and has been taking lessons from the pianist(Inspired by Dr. John) there as well. She took up the first adventure mostly to prove herself, though the extra money was also great motivation. She's my mother's character, who's a drama teacher. Unlike what I'd expected, the role-play doesn't quite come naturally to her, but it's great when we get her engaged!

Elanor: A Female Elven Divination Wizard of youthful demeanour, Elanor runs her own small magic shack in the old part of Sandpoint. The wares themselves are more dedicated to helping the average person than the adventurer, and are often dedicated to a very specific purpose. As such, the gold value of these items is low, but extremely useful to the everyman. She could be considered a friendly rival of Risa Magravi, and has taken an interest over the years in applying to Turandarok academy. Until she has the funds though, she'll keep her shop running. She convinced herself she picked up the job to investigate Black Fang for the reward money, but she was really more interested in the old items that might be concealed in the dungeon. Over all Elanor acts quite aloof, though when the situation calls for it, she'll step up to be a contributing voice of both reason and innovation. Over all, she's having more trouble fitting in with the group that any other party member, partially because she's my sister's character, and had to be an NPC/GMPC. Maybe I should have played her instead for her first time GMing, but it worked out fine.
I'm also having a lot of fun coming up with cool magic items for her shop, I may post a full list to this forum once I have a hundred or so finished.

Andral: A Male Rogue in his early 20s, my temporary PC during the first adventure. One of the many fishermen working at the docks, he would occasionally accept to smuggle goods if the catch was lacking for long periods. He's trying hard to cut that part out of his life, and joined the quest for the reward, hoping that he can come clean to Belor Hemlock and settle his metaphoric debt to the law with the money. Belor probably would have interpreted it as a bribe, but it worked out after the whole dragon slaying deal. Andral is a pretty simple character with a purposefully short character arc, because I'm planning on having him be abducted during the festival. Andral is on good terms with most people in the harbour.

We're all really excited to start with the Rise of the Runelords, and I'm making some preparations for the festival. I'm planning for the next session to just be festival games, which should be a lot of fun! I think we'll end up dragging this out for a year if we keep playing at this pace, but I'm sure that will only make the journey cooler. My players don't have a clue what kind of epic quest they're in for :D