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Medic. FP: 0/1, Wounds 9/9. TB: 3. Armour: 4.

About Krevlor

Rough Rider Medic
WS 34, BS 27, Str 31, T31, Agi 34*, Int 41*, Per 45*, WP30, Fel 30
FP: 1, IP: 8 Wounds: 9
Skills: Awareness, Command, Survival, Linguistics (low gothic), Medicae +30, Scholastic Lore (Beasts, Chymistry), Dodge, Trade (Chymist), Trade (Armourer, Chymist)
Talents: Skilled rider or Ambush, Resistance(fear), Jaded, Weapon
Training (Las, Low-Tech).
Traits: Resourceful: +10 to survival skills to get food or water and to tech use to repair low tech equipment
Increased distance for Strike and fade action
Scavengers: +10 to acquistions test, represussion on doubles
Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Knowledge, Perception, Willpower.
Gear: 1 hunting lance, 1 laspistol, 1 flak jacket and helmet and 1 riding beast (including associated equipment), Diagnostor, injector, medikit, One uniform. One set of poor weather gear, One laspistol (Main Weapon), two charge packs, One knife, One flak vest, One rucksack or sling bag, One set of basic tools, One mess kit and one water canteen, One blanket and one sleep bag, One rechargeable lamp pack, One grooming kit, One set of cognomen tags or equivalent
identification, One primer or instructional handbook, Combat sustenance rations- two weeks’ supply, Imperial Guard Flak Armour, GQ Longlas-Custom Grip, Modified Stock, 4 Basic Charge Packs, Warknife, Chainsword Parts

XP Since Start 1200. Unspent XP 100