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Hi guys, I am looking at the pre-gen 1st level Investigator Quinn. I note he has weapon focus (sword cane), yet his BAB is 0. Am I missing something that allows him weapon focus here?


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Hey there,
Any idea on time-frame for these to be available again guys?

Many thanks

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Hi there, I am just wondering if my order (Order 3343904) is going to be shipping soon? It's December now and this is my November subscription.

Also regarding my side-cart. I added a map folio in the great Golem sale and it is there in my side-cart. My question is will this be at the sale price still? I only added it as it was at a very good price. If this has reverted to regular price I would ask you please to remove it from my side-cart.

Thanks as always.

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Hello there, could you please email me my total cost for the November subscriptions and side-cart items (including shipping), so I can be sure enough funds are in my account for authorization.
As always, many thanks :)

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Any news as to the release date for these dice?

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Hello everyone, I am planning a little 'Christmas Special' for my players.

They have just cleared out Thistletop and finished 'Burnt Offerings' in the 'Rise of the Runelords' adventure path (they have just made 5th level). My basic idea is to have a one session bit of fun before the next chapter in the adventure path, the basic idea is this:

The group return to Sandpoint, rest up, stock up, re-equip etc..Next morning a massive unnatural storm/snow blizzard completely engulfs the town. The group at some stage decide to leave their lodgings or attempt to leave town. What they are greeted with is a impassable wall of magical stormy snow and possibly find all of Sandpoint's population petrified in ice or something. After a little investigation the group spot the Cathedral has been enveloped in another similar 'bubble' of magical energy. (the cathedral will be the 'dungeon' in this little adventure)
I wanted to have some kind of evil wizard/necromancer held up inside with a pile of undead nastiness to give the group some fun.

I just wondered if anyone had any good ideas as to why this bad guy might hold the town hostage in such a fashion, why would the towns populous be frozen and not the pc's and any ideas how to make it fit in with both the 'Rise of the Runelords' adventure and have a kind or satirical 'Christmas' feel, my original thought was to have this guy look like some kind of evil Santa Claus type villain...but wanted him to be actually scary rather than a joke. Also would be nice to have an extra cool 'hook' to drag the pc's into that cathedral.
Any advise/suggestions are gratefully received. Thanks in advance Paizo community