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Hello everyone, I am planning a little 'Christmas Special' for my players.

They have just cleared out Thistletop and finished 'Burnt Offerings' in the 'Rise of the Runelords' adventure path (they have just made 5th level). My basic idea is to have a one session bit of fun before the next chapter in the adventure path, the basic idea is this:

The group return to Sandpoint, rest up, stock up, re-equip etc..Next morning a massive unnatural storm/snow blizzard completely engulfs the town. The group at some stage decide to leave their lodgings or attempt to leave town. What they are greeted with is a impassable wall of magical stormy snow and possibly find all of Sandpoint's population petrified in ice or something. After a little investigation the group spot the Cathedral has been enveloped in another similar 'bubble' of magical energy. (the cathedral will be the 'dungeon' in this little adventure)
I wanted to have some kind of evil wizard/necromancer held up inside with a pile of undead nastiness to give the group some fun.

I just wondered if anyone had any good ideas as to why this bad guy might hold the town hostage in such a fashion, why would the towns populous be frozen and not the pc's and any ideas how to make it fit in with both the 'Rise of the Runelords' adventure and have a kind or satirical 'Christmas' feel, my original thought was to have this guy look like some kind of evil Santa Claus type villain...but wanted him to be actually scary rather than a joke. Also would be nice to have an extra cool 'hook' to drag the pc's into that cathedral.
Any advise/suggestions are gratefully received. Thanks in advance Paizo community

Instead of treasure chests, have large giftwrapped boxes.

Any elf in your party shrinks to small size and gains 10 ranks in Craft: Toys.

Have skeletons attack the PCs en mass equip with nothing but sharpened candycanes and gumdrop shields.

"Insert more shenanigans here"

Did your PC's fail to fill any plot holes during Burnt Offerings? Perhaps one of the baddies that escaped Thistletop went and got a "big brother"?

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Thanks Joanna for those ideas ;)

Barry, thanks for reminding me of possible plot holes, there are a couple of candidates for my 'baddie' indeed :)

Do you have a copy of Sins of the Saviors, the fifth module in the Rise of the Runelords adventure path? It introduces a character, Xaliasa, who is a thaumaturge of Lamashtu and is quite insane.


Xaliasa is first mentioned in Burnt Offerings on page 24. He is the former master of Erylium. He is resurrected in Sins of the Saviors from Lamashtu meddling with a surge of power from the runewell, but aside from being a warm-up opponent in that module, his true purpose is to open up the lower tunnels beneath the Catacombs of Wrath beneath Sandpoint. Exposing the tunnels a few modules early won't affect the adventure path: the clues to the Runeforge are meaningless until the party learns what the Runeforge is in the fourth module and the monsters there were gated in by Xaliasa, so the place is harmless if Xaliasa is busy with a Christmas scheme instead.

He could be rewritten for this Christmas adventure and give it a reason to happen in Sandpoint. Because of his strange origin, he could have unconventional abilities that could make your story happen.

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Thanks Mathmuse, I do indeed have Sin of the Saviors in the anniversary rise of the runelords book. I will take a look into it for sure. Your idea seems to be just what I am looking for :) Thanks again :)

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