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I would suggest the Large bag from Pirate Lab. I originally got one to hold my Wrath of the Righteous set while I waited on the two of these I ordered for Rune Lords and Shackles. Its a bit bigger than I think this is going to be, but it hold all the cards from a box plus several additional. I've got one and the quality and speed of getting it was quite nice. Its got a pouch in the front for holding character sheets or organized play sheets. It also has a section in the back that I use for holding my group and character play mats. Its designed to hold boxes and has different lay outs for the foam.

I'm trying to decide now if I'm going to cancel my preorder on the Paizo box and just save up for two more of these considering they have new bag art that looks pretty cool.

I just can't believe that something like this has been sitting in preorder for 2 years with almost no word on why its being held up.

NOOOO!!!!!!! The date switched to January now. I'm so sad.

Hey, the time has changed to November!!!! Does that mean we are close to see it come out?

I wish we would here more on when this is coming out. I'm ready to throw money at Paizo as soon as it does.