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I have been wanting to try a character that utilizes tripping with Vicious Stomp and Greater Trip for a while, and I started playing a Brawler in Pathfinder Society with this build in mind. I hit 2 in a recent session, so I now have access to Brawler's Flurry. My feats so far are:

Bonus: Improved Unarmed Strike
Human: Dirty Fighting
1st: Improved Trip
2nd: Combat Reflexes

I'm set up to use Martial Flexibility to gain Vicious Stomp during combat now, but I'm not sure when the AoO from it would take place when I am flurrying. I want to trip as my first attack while flurrying to make sure I down my target and that they're prone for my later attacks, along with dropping their chance to hit or forcing them to stand and provoke strikes on their turn. This way if I miss the first trip I can also try again using the second flurry attack. If I flurry and get a successful trip to start, do I finish the full attack first and then take the AoO from vicious stomp, or does it happen in between my flurry attacks?

Would it be:

Trip vs CMD (flurry attack 1, -2 penalty to hit) - success
Attack vs AC -4 for prone (flurry attack 2, -2 penalty to hit)
Attack vs AC -4 for prone (AoO, full attack bonus)

Or would the AoO happen between the flurry attacks, forcing any later ones to resolve afterward? The AoO will not suffer the -2 penalty from brawler's flurry, so I want to make sure I add my rolls correctly.

Hoping to get some clarification on how Brawler's Martial Training feature would interact with a single level dip into the Flowing Monk archetype, specifically relating to the Redirection ability.

I can clearly see that I would not gain the features which evolve at certain levels of Flowing Monk (additional rounds sickened and extra triggers for Redirection). My question is, if I have levels in Brawler as well, do I get full uses of the basic Redirection per day with Brawler levels counting toward Monk levels (i.e. Flowing Monk 1/Brawler 5 getting 6 uses/day).

Martial training makes a point to call out Stunning Fist as an example where you get full uses per day as if your Brawler levels = Monk, Redirection replaces Stunning Fist from the base monk class, and includes the same language regarding granting one use a day per Monk level. However martial training RAW only mentions feats/items. I'd love for this to be a near enough case to qualify, but can't find discussion about it anywhere and would love some opinions/feedback from you all.