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Shaudius wrote:
Slurmalyst wrote:

One thing I will add to the Combat Drone discussion: the Riding Saddle may turn out to be very handy in combat. My initial reaction was that it's a gimmick, but in my (limited) experience so far, Mechanics and their Drones generally spend at least one action per fight moving into firing position. The Riding Saddle effectively translates to a bonus move action every turn that you would otherwise need to move both Drone and Mechanic, which in turn translates into more actions spent firing.

Also, I was expecting there to be penalties for firing from a mount, but I can't find any.

I'd be careful with this as the rules for the riding saddle are pretty ambiguous at this point, a lot of people I've talked with are convinced you still have to worry about encumbrance, so unless you're small sized (and even then) you're probably going to be taking at least a 10 ft movement penalty and probably more likely only going to overburden the drone.

I'd not worry about encumbrance until rules specifically dealing with mounts appear. If memory serves (granted, this isn't Starfinder), mounts could carry more simply by virtue of them being a to worry about anything other than the rules as printed is premature. Right now, a saddle lets you ride your drone like a mount.

Mitch Mutrux wrote:
I would require people to have the physical version, like in PFS. The idea is to have something branded out there and displayed, to give SFS a little added visibility.

Sooo...PRINT the PDF???

Hijiggy wrote:
Would a drone focused on combat maneuver's (Trip and disarm) be of use? give it a weapon arm for a taclash and the feat towards combat maneuvers. It wouldn't need to focus on damage too much and would have some decent bonuses to succeed. The ac could be an issue, but if you have a normal front liner next to it soaking up the hits while the drone just tries to trip and disarm. Thoughts?

Dirty Trick to Blind could be hella useful...

BretI wrote:

Although you will not be able to afford the weapon, a level 1 mechanic can have a drone that knows how to use a heavy weapon.

Azimuth Artillery Laser is quite affordable at level 1...

Oh, those of you with SFS Faction icons are posting using character aliases, yes?

Have you tried simple compression? This will get your PDF down to under 35MB (from that ridiculous 145 or whatever it was...). It's what I did to make mine more easy to handle...and I just did it online here:

There are numerous and sundry other available ways to do the same thing. I am not affiliated with this service.

Don't know if this will help your tablet better handle the document. FWIW.

bitrunner wrote:
how? when i go to my forums profile all i see are Pathfinder factions...

Yeah, me too. What does one do to see/select Starfinder factions??


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Combat drone because of three words: Mounted Mechanic Cavalry

Per the rules currently, if you are already mounted the drone can move and attack and you can also attack with your remaining standard action. No Survival check needed.

The only need for survival checks would be if you wanted to "Take Cover" using your "Mount". But the Mounted Mechanic Cavalry is still waiting to hear on clarified rules for things beyond just riding your drone into battle...

Shaudius wrote:

Depends, according to a number of people on the starfinder society discord, the riding drone is subject to encumberance rules and therefore trying to ride a combat drone with a 14 strength with your 150 lb human will result in its speed being 5(And if your try to do it with your 100 lb human with no gear it's speed is 10 less.)

Has there been any clarity shed on this? Or any of the questions related to the Mounted Mechanic Cavalry??

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Nothing in the drone description says it has a weapon. Just (up to 2) mount(s).

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CactusUnicorn wrote:
Fardragon wrote:
Rysky the Dark Solarion wrote:
That logic is nonsense. Minerals aren't dead just for starters. No, just, no.
Er, yes, minerals are dead...
Merriam Webster defines dead as "deprived of life" or "no longer living". says the exact same thing. Minerals, and other inanimate objects, were never alive (having life) and therefore can't stop being alive. Therefore, they aren't dead.

Quoted for emphasis.

/quietly applauds CactusUnicorn...

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So trying to address questions brought up in the other section.

If a Mechanic uses a Riding Saddle to tag along with their drone, can they make use of the other abilities under Survival, including "Cover"? If so, which ones specifically(as "Spur Mount" may or may not be applicable...and if it is, it seems more of a tech-based skill than an animal handling skill), if any?

Just looking for guidance as to what is possible, and what is the best way to handle it, as there are similarities to mounts *and* vehicles here.


Honestly, I don't see why not.

What do you find silly about your (not too terribly fast) mode of transportation being able to autonomously shoot/slice/pummel your enemies?? :D

Shaudius wrote:

Pretty much all the other mount related activities assume you don't have complete control of your mount and it doesn't make sense to require survival checks for most of them, so you're telling me that I have to guide my drone mount that I have complete control over with one hand if I fail a wisdom based survival check, otherwise I can guide a construct with my knees? Or that I can spur it on to move faster with a survival check, because it doesn't listen to me unless I hit it in just the right way? How does my physical training make my construct mount faster?

So, do those all require survival checks with a construct mount?

Honestly? If I were GMing, it'd be an Acrobatics/DEX-based check. But there *would* be a check with the same results. DC15. Fail = No AC bonus, etc, per the Survival Skill.

Shaudius wrote:

I would argue that direct your drone mount in battle and control mount in battle are the same action, the DC of this check is 20. The cover DC is 15, I can't imagine that the designers envisioned letting you make a DC 20 survival check for free, but then having to do lower DC checks with survival to use any of the things you can do with a mount besides the ill-defined control mount in battle.

The "Control Mount in Battle" check is to "control a mount not normally trained for combat...". This is not the case for the Drone, as it counts as a combat trained mount. So def NOT a DC 20 check.

I would argue that it's the DC 10 "Fight from a Combat Trained Mount" equivalent. Thus, I'm leaning toward Survival/checks being needed for anything other than that Action (as you don't need to guide your Drone with your knees). BUT, the Drone isn't a wild animal with volition of it's I don't know that Survival would be the applicable skill either.

EDIT: I'm with Peat on his response for those reasons as well.

Versatile seems a better choice by far. Is there a class that doesn't automatically get Weapon Specialization as progression? That'd be the only reason I can see...

Shaudius wrote:

It gets worse though, one thing I've been kicking around is putting a riding mod on my drone, per the mounted combat rules you can use a swift action to take cover under your mount and can take a move action to pull yourself back up, so the first round of combat you swift action down to cover at the end of the turn(granting you +4 to AC and +2 reflex saves) and then every turn pull yourself up as a move action and then swift action back down. So always under cover bonus.

The solution of course is for the enemy to attack your drone, but that's kind of the whole point, its basically your own personal tank you take to the party every game. Looking at the charts its AC scales really well and while it doesn't get stamina points it gets a decent amount of HP every level.

I was contemplating this exact same thing.

Would you/the GM rule that you'd need to make a Survival check to use your mount for cover, as that's not exactly "direct(ing) your drone mount in battle"/"Fight from a Combat Trained Mount", per "Riding Saddle"? Or would you lump it all together and not have any Survival checks for anything in the "Ride a Creature" section of Survival?

Randomly curious, how are you getting a Longarm (and the relevant Feats) for the Drone Mechanic by Level 5?

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An Android body with Jump Jets, tho!!!

Voss wrote:
Obviously not. An android isn't its armor.

Untrue...though I'd agreed with this viewpoint up until I looked closer.

Per the Android description under 'Upgrade Slot' (page 42): "Regardless of whether androids are wearing physical armor, they can use this slot to install any one armor upgrade that could be installed into light armor."

So the android need not be wearing armor to equip the Tensile Reinforcement mod per RAW. Am I missing something?

((sorry, missed the part of the OP regarding boosting Android hp...reading for comprehension is hard... ;) ))

Any information/plan on release of the Quests/Quest Pack?

The Raven Black wrote:

Critical Threshold (CT) might indicate a hit strong enough to damage critical systems of the ship, with lots of fun consequences until the systems can be repaired

CT is used when damage is done to a ship. Every time you reach a multiple of the "Critical Threshold", you score a critical effect on the ship. In the GTM demo video, they did 20 points of damage to a goblin raider's starboard side. 2 points took down the shields. 18 points of damage to the hull. CT of 4 = 4 critical effects.

Archmage Variel wrote:
thecursor wrote:
Archmage Variel wrote:
Are those creatures the Swarm? They look a bit like shirren so I was thinking they might be the Swarm.
They look too "Roboty" to be the Swarm.
I thought maybe that was a form of chitin that swarm warriors had evolved. Maybe shirren were part of the swarm worker caste.

With that Eox boneship up above, and the rib-like metallic chestplates, I'd imagine they are robo-zombies?

Total newb question here...I know little to nothing about PFS and how it's set up, but am coming out of the woodwork for SF/SFS.

Is there any chance that Paizo will have the Quests available for download concurrently with GenCon/product launch? Because it might be nice, even if people can't get a ticket or stand in line to play, to be able to read/play on their own at their leisure.

Does that kind of concurrent release ever happen, or is it strictly an "after the premiere" release for these things? Because honestly, I'd run it for my friends after picking up the rulebook at the con.

dharkus wrote:
Klobbermeister wrote:
"Yesteryear's Truth"'s Faction is already spoiled in the GenCon Events descriptions...rhymes with might as well let that cat out of the bag. :)
mayminder? clayfinder? saykinder?

Def the Saykinder Faction...they are all about promoting a kinder, gentler interaction between races and cultures. Motto is "If you can't say anything nice...just say it kinder." :)

"Yesteryear's Truth"'s Faction is already spoiled in the GenCon Events descriptions...rhymes with might as well let that cat out of the bag. :)

Possible new Faction spoiled in description of SFS 1-03? "Content in “Yesteryear’s Truth” also contributes to the ongoing goals of the Wayfinders faction" Or has this already been discussed alongside the Dataphiles Faction?

I plan on doing just this...I can't see a reason not to. :)

Rambone wrote:
I don't know if it is allowed but would be interesting to be able to swap pre-gens during the quest series, to try as many of the classes out as possible before making an official first character.