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my experience at PaizoCon left me less than enthusiastic, in fact I'd say I'll pass on the game at this point.

While the idea of three actions per round was graphically pressed, I'd remind people that 3.0 started with just free, move, standard, and full round actions. It differentiated and developed from there adding swift actions. There is no limit to free and swift actions (an issue IMO).

Wizards with just 3 spells AND having them limited to "in round" or single event effectiveness is unacceptable. The spell system was very undeveloped and disappointing, Shield spell is a one shot where you are better off with a 3 or 4 small metal shields and dropping them as they become ineffective. At this point in time wizards are ineffective.

Clerics were a bit better as clearly healing had been looked at and expanded in some ways, not in others. The spells were a disappointment(but not so bad as the wizard spells) but more time seemed to have been spent on the spells.

The whizbang factor of goblins is a don't care, so long as the class is balanced. More of a PR thing of having something that you couldn't have before.

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Arcanist Archtype Harrowed Society Student Occult Origins p22.
PFS Req: ownership of Harrow Deck.
*rating* 1-poor, 2-poor, 3-avg, 4-good, 5-excellent.
For comparison the Exploit School Understanding lets an Arcanist get a Wiz School first lvl ability that runs on CHA and for 1 Arcn Pool point get the whole ability for CHA mod r.

*3* Psychic Reader(Ex): get Psychic Sensitivity(*4*), Diplo, Percpt, SnsMtv as class skills for 1st Lvl Arcanist Exploit. Ummm, a toss up. Sadly only 2 Skl pts per Lev...
*1* Harrow Reservoir(Ex): 5min ritual to get 9/6*[ArcnLvl/8]{free} Arcn Pool points instead of Consume Spls of (CHA bns)*(Spell Lvl slot) Arcn Pool points, Horrible Deal! HomeGame GMs just add this in for free.

Divine the Mysteries:
Divine the Mysteries (Ex): At 5th level and every 2 levels thereafter, a Harrowed Society student can select a divination spell from the spell list of any class, including classes that cast divine or psychic spells, and add it to her list of spells known. This spell must be at least 1 level lower than the highest-level spell she can cast. She casts these spells as arcane spells, using her normal spell slots, but must use a harrow deck as an additional focus component. If such a spell is normally a psychic spell with an emotion or thought component, she must also add that component.

*3* Divine the Mysteries(Ex): @ArcnLvl 5,7,9,11,13,15... learn Divination spl of any class of Spl Lvl one below maximum castable Spl Lvl with Harrow Deck as Focus. Not bad but it's an information gathering spell and if you're a Wiz:Diviner you have many that you have to take already... probably good to pick up some psychic divinations but in PFS you will be ADDING components not replacing them...
*2* Trump Card(Su): @9th std actn draw card for one self or ally or enemy within 30ft gains +2 to +4 one time bonus (or negative value for enemy). At 9th a Wiz:Diviner would std actn Tch +4 insight bns for 1r [3 +INT bns]/d... it's a mix again, lower bns but good duration, usable on enemy but easy Will DC[10 +ArcnLvl/2 +CHA bns] to save and only one at a time. The killer is it runs off Arcn Pool points(so -1)!

overall that's a *2.25* rating so definitely lost some power.
The deck as a Foci might be handy if you can replace Scry focus and some other expensive foci...