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my experience at PaizoCon left me less than enthusiastic, in fact I'd say I'll pass on the game at this point.

While the idea of three actions per round was graphically pressed, I'd remind people that 3.0 started with just free, move, standard, and full round actions. It differentiated and developed from there adding swift actions. There is no limit to free and swift actions (an issue IMO).

Wizards with just 3 spells AND having them limited to "in round" or single event effectiveness is unacceptable. The spell system was very undeveloped and disappointing, Shield spell is a one shot where you are better off with a 3 or 4 small metal shields and dropping them as they become ineffective. At this point in time wizards are ineffective.

Clerics were a bit better as clearly healing had been looked at and expanded in some ways, not in others. The spells were a disappointment(but not so bad as the wizard spells) but more time seemed to have been spent on the spells.

The whizbang factor of goblins is a don't care, so long as the class is balanced. More of a PR thing of having something that you couldn't have before.

left review on product page.

From a game perspective the deity has her viewpoint and philosophy. It doesn't have to make sense or be consistent. It's religion. I wish it did make better sense.

I think the scenario is a romp and can be a lot of fun for those interested with skilled characters.
The martial types get the combat. They can ignore skills and get COMBAT.

The attacks in the final railroad are contrived (it's a high drama scene). Fortune favors the bold at the pool.
Do Pathfinders think they don't have to take notes even if it's nonsensical? You just MET a demigod/Deity! Hello! *thunking on wooden head* It hails back to Baba-Yaga eating rude visitors.
I think if you just treat Roidira as a 'power' that the PCs should play along with and get as much info on, you are on the right track. You could paraphrase this to a wise PC. Explore, Report, and Cooperate, oh, and don't be a jerk.

It is unfortunate that if you do not drink you get no visions (other than seeing Roidira) and 0 prestige. Seeing and listening to a "deranged and crazy" deity should get you 1 PA for reporting that if you did well on Clout. You have effectively ended the problem, just not in the best way.

on the write up of Roidira
As somewhat proficient in philosophy I found it sophomoric. As a Zen Buddhist (Soto) I was both amused and insulted. I'm glad no one took it for a portrayal of Zen. It falls far short of Nietzsche. It's really a concept revolving around denial, contrariness, and some late night quick discussions. I'll leave my critique of Roid-ira at that. Is it a portmanteau of Void and Qadira with an R for a V? lol...

it's been covered...

not bad if you let Arcanist in your games. Sorcerers have their bloodline abilities.

doing something is better than stopping somebody from doing something else, especially if doing your thing stops them as a result.

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Yeah that LIberty's Edge boon is a little too videogamey for my tastes.

Right click this item to summon 3 guys that pop out of nowhere for 30 seconds! (one hour cooldown)

Okay... I need you 3 pig farmers to aid me on this handle animal thingy... I gotta convince my horsie to go up these stairs with giants on 'em... a carrot on a stick you say? hmm....

Sir, we'll be happy to bring that up at our next bi-weekly meeting and vote on it... you know our pig farmer's union has strict rules as to what we can do for you, I have our pamphlet and bylaws here... *proffers small book*

Andoran Horseman, "nobody told me you'd be Galtish pig farmers!"

Sovereign Court bard in the background is snickering... is there a checkbox for that Mr. GM?

when I put tha Pull-Ring of Scent in that stinky old troglodyte's nose...

Dinos got to eat too!

While the Shadow Lodge had a great title... in action it was more like a Quality Control group with a founder that had very different goals (and ultimately a sad & poor plan).

Factions rationalize prestige purchases, represent political factions within a large organization, and enhance the experience for storytelling based players. Other than the benefits/boons they don't have any material effect in day to day play. Some players show favoritism during play.
On the overall storyline used to create a guideline for scenarios clearly the prestige feedback reported on paizo.com has and will effect the plans and direction for that storyline. The purchase rates and feedback on reviews are also considered. The latter has been stated by paizo employees. Business responds to higher purchase rates for a specific product by trying to provide more product that is similar to the popular one.

on flavor... that's a matter of taste. It's okay. More goal/theme based than the geo-political factions of seasons 1-5.

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hay, can I take 10 on Initiative?

runs for exit

If everyone takes 10 on initiative!

please please please! this would be so cool!


I'm gonna stand around and take 20...

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TriOmegaZero wrote:
It's that thing that happens when you don't play cheesemonkey characters.

Sir, can I see your character sheet with your monkey... I want to make sure either of you is trained in cooking and that ONE of you has a decent chance of making a cheesecake (or cheese...).

Remember - I don't think there's a conference before combat where characters and critters set up a chart and say, "ohh, pardon me, I'm at 16 and you Mr. Troll go on 15 as my Initiative score is higher than yours..."

Given that most critters are social, and that there are social/command hierarchies in groups, it makes sense that flunkies with higher initiative will wait on orders from their boss.

As many situations are set-ups or ambushes, those flunkies already have their orders and don't need to wait. It is usually around round 3-4 where a few have died that morale and new directions may be needed. It depends on how the particulars of that critter type and how they function in groups and individually.

I still see the faster flunkies with high initiative having the OPTION of waiting, or the slow guys delaying to catch up to the high guys next round if they want to act in concert - it's up to their boss and the tactics he wants to use.

If he orders them to act in concert, then that is part of the set-up and they will all delay or ready to the average slow guy (there's always some really slow guy in the group).

Initiative order means some critters will down other critters (who then won't get to attack) and in that way it is significant. Over time (the PCs play history) the statistics build.

With a d20, the initiatives are basically random. +1 or 2 isn't going to effect the outcome much. +4 is where it becomes a significant bias. Personally I've always been for just using Init and dumping the d20, which is effectively what you are doing if you use 10.5 consistently. However in organized play you roll for each and there is some simple wisdom in that.

If the CR difference between opponents is 2 or more then there is a high probability that the low CR critter is going to lose the combat. Due to the way CRs stack and how encounters are designed, multiple opponents will likely be losers. In many ways it is a war of attrition, where the mooks just keep draining resources in an attempt to level playing field. I say this as examine the kill ratio of mooks to PCs over the long haul. Clearly the game is stacked in favor of the players. This DOES NOT mean you need to fix it. lol. I'm just stating the obvious for those that don't already know it. It's a game folks.

Sometimes the dice decree death. It happens. Is it fair? Extremely yes. There isn't any discrimination. You just need to turn it to you advantage and make it count. Turn it into drama, engage the player, don't let them die for nothing.

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Klarkash-Ton wrote:
Broken Prince wrote:
Wait you can put a 3rd rank in perform dance? But all of the empirical evidence seems to indicate that 2 is the limit?! What are you smoking Sir? This is clearly a case of Reefer Madness!

don't think of it as sub-optimal...

think of it as an improved way to make cash since things went all Monty Haul and now you can use Perform on your day job checks...
Crafters and Professionals are still grumbling about performers not ACTUALLY making anything useful or being professional! REALLY!

They craft the greatest thing of all.

They craft smiles! They are professional smile crafters.

see Mr. Ninja - no extra frosting of irony for you...

Broken Prince wrote:
Wait you can put a 3rd rank in perform dance? But all of the empirical evidence seems to indicate that 2 is the limit?! What are you smoking Sir? This is clearly a case of Reefer Madness!

don't think of it as sub-optimal...

think of it as an improved way to make cash based on the dump Stat CHA since things went all Monty Haul and now you can use Perform on your day job checks...
Crafters and Professionals are still grumbling about performers not ACTUALLY making anything useful or being professional! REALLY!

you'd have to review We'd be goblins three!

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martryn wrote:
The ear thing was a PC without regeneration. He just had his ear bit off through random critical hit card by a hyena, which, of course, ate the ear, so it cannot be recovered. How does that PC go about getting a new ear? Or is he earless for life?
the cleric/druid spell regenerate will restore it.


my statement was more about regeneration and death.

Seems reasonable that a Simulacrum of a Troll has Regeneration.

The Construct argument seems flawed as the spell Simulacrum creates the thing not a tome or the process to create a construct.

If you captured a wizard's familiar and made a simulacrum of it (with a disguise check) - could it masquerade as the mage's familiar and share spells etc?
This might be a good way to have a low hitpoint "backup" or frontline disposable familiar that just cost's GPs.

Regeneration and Dying

*disclaimer* I have not rooted about extensively on the message boards on this topic but I have read some posts and think I know the RAW pretty well. This seems to be the RAW on the topic, with my interpretation as glue 8^)

Regeneration(Ex){monstrous regeneration}
creatures with this ability "cannot die as long as their regeneration is still functioning".
Secondly, "Certain attack forms, typically fire and acid, cause a creature’s regeneration to stop functioning on the round following the attack. During this round, the creature does not heal any damage and can die normally."
So this means that if you drop a critter to negative HP+CON using an attack that is not regenerated, they die the FOLLOWING round, not the round they hit -(HP+CON) or below.
If you drop them with a damage type they can regenerate, they canot die. Now at -(HP+CON or below if you apply damage that stops their regeneration (or presumably they cannot regenerate) able damage, they die the FOLLOWING round.

This seems overly picky until you apply Fast Healing. This would lower the -(HP+CON) boundary to -(HP+CON+FastHeal) as they are going to Fast Heal that 1 round before death.

I'm assuming that death occurs at the end of their round on their initiative. After that it's a moot point, they're dead Jim.

In RAI/usualy play, Bleed damage is usually taken when the attack hits, then it "heals up" and the creature doesn't suffer bleeding afterwards. So in your hypothetical scenario unless you continually stick the regenerating creature it will stop bleeding (taking damage) except in a flavortext way.

This hails back to a troll in a box with a meat grinder attached. By RAW you have an inexhaustible supply of trollburger so long as you leave just a troll tip in the box. Most GMs at some point would say - OK - you've had your fun and the troll dies (mainly due to lack of nourishment on the trolls part). So things don't always go as RAW particularly where free lunches over a long period of gametime are concerned.

Regeneration Spell, Ring of Regeneration, Pearly White Spindle Ioun stone.
ahh yes - works a bit different than the above. Also probably the strongest argument as to why it's better to BE a monster than to imitate one using spells.
Heal 1 lethal and 1 non-lethal per round (no damage type stops it).
Immune to bleed damage.
Losing a limb, etc; 1r with limb, 2d10r without. HPs are NOT addressed in a per limb fashion.
"Regenerate(spell) also cures 4d8 points of damage + 1 point per caster level (maximum +35), rids the subject of exhaustion and fatigue, and eliminates all nonlethal damage the subject has taken."
The Ring description lowers the cure to 1&1 per round.
Exhaustion and Fatigue are not addressed and the Ring text directs the healing text to the limb only. So the Ring does not banish these conditions.

Onto the moment of death. Since this is as the regeneration spell - if you are dead there is no regeneration. But you can regenerate 1&1 per round and there is no damage type that can not be regenerated. Certainly a conundrum if you hit that old -(HP+CON) by damage.
The official line (appeal to authority) is that it IS NOT the same, and that you die at -(HP+CON).
Certainly a good argument could be made that at -(HP+CON) your regeneration goes off and that you die at the end of the following round.

Again, this seems overly picky until you apply Fast Healing. Assuming that death occurs at the end of the round on their initiative when at negative (HP+CON) {see Fast Healing, Breath of Life}. This would lower the -(HP+CON) boundary to -(HP+CON+FastHeal) as they are going to Fast Heal that 1 round before death.

As we are talking about death, Coup deGrace usually happen after a creature is unconscious and dying. So long as the creature has monstrous regeneration they just go more negative in HPs. The spell type would be susceptible to the failed save and then regeneration and such would cease.