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My Dm allowed me to redo a few things before our next session, and I used some of those recommendations, even added the trait that was suggested, so Now my build is this:

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Bonus Feat: Intensify Spell

trait: Magical Lineage

And from what I understand, this is something I can do to max amount of damage after 3 rounds:

Level 5 Magus, Eldritch Archer Archetype

The bow is already a longbow Composit(+2) +1 Frost = 1d8 +2(str)+1 (Enchant Bonus)+1(Point Blank)+1d6 (Frost)

Potential Attack and Damage after three rounds:
First round: Move action, Wand -> Gravity Bow - Swift Action, Arcane Pool -> 1d6 - Standard Action,Magus Arcana-> 1d6

Second Round: Swift action, Arcane Pool -> 1d6 - Move Action, Move - Standard action, Spell - True Strike

Third Round: Swift Action-> Quick Runner's Shirt/Arcane Pool-> Speed - Full-Round Action-> Many shot, Rapid Shot. (Spellstrike: 5d6 Snowball)

(Arcane Pool Cost: 3/4)

First arrow: +27/+28 Attack
+2d6 +2+1+1+1+ 1d6+1d6+1d6+5d6

Second Arrow: +27/+28 Attack
+2d6 +2+1+1+1 +1d6

(Speed Arrow: +27/+28 Attack
+2d6 +2+1+1+1 +1d6)

Third arrow: +7/+8
+2d6 +2+1+1+1 +1d6

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I am trying to build an Eldritch Archer, and I might have gone slightly astray as I was reading Focused Shot wrong, as I intended to try to make a pathfinder equivalent to Ashe from League of Legends,as an elf.

But as I dabbled into it and found out that Focused Shot requires a standard action to be activate and does not work with Rapid Shot, I thought I at least would work around the problem.

Ability Scores:
STR: 14
DEX: 16 +2 +1 = 19
CON: 12 -2 = 10
INT: 18 +2 = 20
WIS: 13
CHA: 13

Is there a way to improve the build with what I got with future feats?

What I got so far is:
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Focused Shot
Bonus Feat: Weapon Focus

We are currently level 5

But for the future I at least intend to take:
7:Bullseye Shot
9:Deadly Aim

I wont be able to replicate Ashe as I intended, and becoming more of a sniper.

Should I concider dable into prestige Classes such as Arcane Archer or Eldritch Knight? Or Just Multi Class?

Magus have the fantastic ability to use Medium and Heavy Armor down the line with out the spell failure chance as well, so I at least would like to get to the point were I can use at least Medium armor at level 7.