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So in my area we have a good problem that there is a lot of interest in Starfinder and groups keep popping up. I have myself put a good amount of effort into supporting as many groups as I can.

The issue now is that the current replay rules are killing my ability to help sustain these groups. Here is a breakdown on how this is playing out.

Group A has 1.5 tables worth of regular players we all like each other and play weekly with one week being society play adventures and the next week being a campaign mode adventure path. keeping us from outpacing content. We frequently run a second table based on things people need and have some less frequent players that round out the 2nd table. Our organizer puts in an insane amount of time tracking what people have played and tries to have a schedule that works for us all. I have had to GM a few times but never had to skip a session because there was nothing for me to play/gm.

This is more or less what I expect is happening in similar playgroups everywhere.

Group B has a dedicated GM that wants to run every so often and has two friends that will always play with said GM. I am frequently available on days they want to play but it then turns into a struggle to find content we all can play. and They are less available on days that group A plays so merging is less of an option. Also they support a different store

Group C has a DM that wants to run a lot but has very limited time to do so. They frequently try to use local communication tools to recruit players and are often unable to get a critical mass of players but not because of lack of interest because of a lack of players who can do the same scenario

Groups B,and C seem to be very counter to any sort of actual community building. I would think a rogue GM trying to run on free time would be great for all those poor DMs that want to just play a game once in a blue moon. But even wilder than that I am just not sure what to do about the fact that I currently struggle for a legal way to make a society table happen that just needs a 3rd player. I realize it's not an ideal play experience but better than constantly being cancelled or playing the same repeatables with new characters all the time.

I know that someday maybe even soon there will be lots of content and this will be a non issue but holding communities together until then may be hard.