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Have not started Dawn of Flame yet and only a little way into Swarm.

of the ones I played.

Aeon throne had the most well rounded experience where the story and encounters all worked together and created an easy fun flow that made it the most fun. A bit of world building but more encounters that felt like filler.

Dead Suns was a little more generic and as such felt long. it tried to do a bit of everything which can be good but also added to my feelings that it kinda dragged on.

Signal of screams did three genres of horror so it was hard for me to find a comfortable flow. I personally enjoyed the suspense of book 1 and the supernatural investigation in book 2 but I dont think I would play it over again unlike either of the other 2.

All that said. I am really excited to start Dawn of Flame. Most of my playgroup would note that I have been talking about it for months.
It has a great setting that does a lot of starfinder world building and looks to have lots of investigation (my favorite part of SoS) and supernatural mysteries.

Swarm I am not far enough in to get a good feel for the campaign but the starship trooper space marine feel has been fun

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Psiphyre wrote:

Gotta have a theme song for this blog:

No Guts No Glory


Looking forward to this Adventure!

Carry on,


I was going to do the same thing. Also kudos for getting the proper extended cut

Rangers are forever !

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Joe Pasini wrote:

Kingbrendarr wrote:
will the new animal companion add more robust rules for drones as well like more ways to use the saddle perhaps ?
The rules for creature companions don't include additional rules for drones; it was important to us to keep the two systems distinct.

let me rephrase the question because that is super valid and very important.

The drone saddle allows for treating a drone as a combat trained mount. Will there be greater clarity on what that means and what we can do ?

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Lau Bannenberg wrote:
I have mixed feelings about the Jadnura boon. It's powerful, it's convenient, but I don't find it very enjoyable. I'm being seduced to join a faction not because its theme appeals to me, but because it's a boon that far, far outclasses the other boons in Starfinder. Replaying scenarios is just on a whole other level from getting the odd +2 here and there.

particularly in an environment with limited replays

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Ya'll are gonna have to go Jadnura and rotate who's burning the replay

most of us are out of jadnura replays at this point. Currently building up my 3rd ssj character to do this also I will be trading like mad for a gencon boon 10

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So in my area we have a good problem that there is a lot of interest in Starfinder and groups keep popping up. I have myself put a good amount of effort into supporting as many groups as I can.

The issue now is that the current replay rules are killing my ability to help sustain these groups. Here is a breakdown on how this is playing out.

Group A has 1.5 tables worth of regular players we all like each other and play weekly with one week being society play adventures and the next week being a campaign mode adventure path. keeping us from outpacing content. We frequently run a second table based on things people need and have some less frequent players that round out the 2nd table. Our organizer puts in an insane amount of time tracking what people have played and tries to have a schedule that works for us all. I have had to GM a few times but never had to skip a session because there was nothing for me to play/gm.

This is more or less what I expect is happening in similar playgroups everywhere.

Group B has a dedicated GM that wants to run every so often and has two friends that will always play with said GM. I am frequently available on days they want to play but it then turns into a struggle to find content we all can play. and They are less available on days that group A plays so merging is less of an option. Also they support a different store

Group C has a DM that wants to run a lot but has very limited time to do so. They frequently try to use local communication tools to recruit players and are often unable to get a critical mass of players but not because of lack of interest because of a lack of players who can do the same scenario

Groups B,and C seem to be very counter to any sort of actual community building. I would think a rogue GM trying to run on free time would be great for all those poor DMs that want to just play a game once in a blue moon. But even wilder than that I am just not sure what to do about the fact that I currently struggle for a legal way to make a society table happen that just needs a 3rd player. I realize it's not an ideal play experience but better than constantly being cancelled or playing the same repeatables with new characters all the time.

I know that someday maybe even soon there will be lots of content and this will be a non issue but holding communities together until then may be hard.

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I love the kind of care you are putting into making certain the starfinders are not fedora wearing Independent Wrestlers *winking emoji* and this result is fantastic. The emphasis on changing story narrative allows us to still be inspired (I have a Flash Gordon based character) but find new stories to tell rather than rehashing old ones. making it much more exciting to me on that alone. The other societal goods are a wonderful bonus but you can see where my passion in role playing lies.

Also I have some Pitfall Jones stickers for you to put on your dartboard.

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The proposal

What started as a documentary on Vesk mating rituals has become a cult favorite show. With each episode featuring what many consider to be bizarre contests that include arts and crafts, combat poetry, shelter building, tail wrestling, seduction dances, and of course dueling.

The show has taken to adding non standard competitions as a way to gain ratings these clearly are an effort to compete with other reality show programming and have received some pushback from the traditionalist vesk viewership.

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OMG I have stuff to trade !

Have: Possessed Augmentation
Hauler Bot
Rabid Fan Base
Free Captains

Want: Race Boons with a strong preference toward Dragonkin, Planar Scion, Nuar, Uplifted Bear

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Jacob Blair wrote:
My group and I plan on heading to downtown/pier Seattle (none of us has ever been to the Pacific NW).

A great idea have a lot of fun !

be warned that traffic in seattle is at an all time low (or high.. its bad its really really bad) right now so I highly recommend taking the light rail into downtown this has the added perk that no designated driver is needed should you be of the adult beverage persuasion.

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kadance wrote:
I understand the announcement was recent, but how far into the ND fiasco did the talks with WizKids start?

I would guess... before

It is well documented that paizo talked with wizkids and they went with ND because WK was unable to meet requirements. This announcement makes me think it was timeline and that WK was always going to have a pre painted line but could not do it to go along with the SF launch date.

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Gronnigan Conroy wrote:
Kingbrendarr wrote:
BTW junksword is not required if you do one level of soldier. It lets me buy more fun melee weapons like two handers with reach.

While you are definitely correct, Junksword does have some great advantages, such as the 1.5xLevel damage bonus in place of specialization, which is very helpful to stay competitive. It is also incredibly flexible in terms of weapon traits. I like using Nonlethal or Disarm and Reach on my Steward Officer.

Also, I don't necessarily think that you have to lean into the Dex penalty. Sinking a couple of points into Dex to counteract the penalty is fine... you'll never be the most dextrous as a Nuar, but it's less important with Heavy Armor and melee or throwing weapons.

The 1.5 is true and something I didnt look at with the proper depth when doing my melee technomancer build. I instead did 3 levels of soldier with a melee focus gear boost. I personally decided that I didnt need high level technomancer In society play but if I had looked at junk sword closer I might have considered it harder.

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Doctor Zorkfeld wrote:
Selvaxri wrote:

as far as a i know, i have the only Wrickreechee in my area at least, as it came with the Alien Archive boon.

I very nearly played my recent Envoy as a Wrikreechee, but then I traded for a Witchwyrd boon at SkalCon, which worked better for the particular circumstances.

I would really like to play a Wrikreechee with Barricade, Antagonize, and Not in the Face! though. Just hide behind stuff and say mean things, then apologize profusely when they come over to confront you about it.

My Wrikree uses barricade so I might just find a way to add antagonize

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Garretmander wrote:
Pantshandshake wrote:
I hope its directly underneath that Ultimate Desserts book we talked about.
What stats would a sapient cheesecake have?

Dunno but we do know that the Blancmange has Tennis Proficiency, a bite attack and a transform into Scotsman beam

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Thank you you for your words. I might indeed try online DMing it does suit my time a bit more currently.

I don't want to belabor the other points but thank you for finding hope and positivity. All I want is to be part of a large very large community and play more starfinder

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GM Blake wrote:
Kingbrendarr wrote:
Having access to extra manners of collecting boobs
*chuckles* Well, I think that finished the thread.

Uninitentional but a nice giggle once you caught it.

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Trentin C Bergeron wrote:

Hello fellow Starfinders!

I've sent a couple emails via the coordinator page but one bounced and I have not received a response. I'm worried the listing may not be up to date?

I have setup a session at Wizard Keep Games (Renton) on July 22nd, 12pm. I plan on running SFS every two weeks. We may switch to AP play if we have consistent interested players. I just wanted to touch base with any coordinators and let you know/coordinate. :-D

Also, are SFS GMs needed for Dragonflight? OrcaCon? I would love to run games if so. Otherwise, I will run some non-SFS Starfinder...

PM me here or email me at trechriron at those gmail places dot coms (Dear spam horrors, I'm not interested in being contacted for anything except SFS...).



I know that store has a very dedicated RPG community that will probably love having starfinder as an option. I expect you will find yourself wanting to run a group through the AP very soon.
Make certain you send the required email for registering at the nwpfs site, without it you will never get let in, and put your event up asap.

As far as Dragonflight there is a thread for DM sign ups (i recently closed but it might be worth sending an email anyway, and keep your eyes peeled for Orca con. I am not sure who is heading it up but the con has been hosting planning meeting for a bit so someone should know something by now.

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Sebastian wrote:

I’m seriously bummed about my pathfinder society experience here at Paizcon. I take some of the blame for not signing up for events in advance, but given that tickets are sold at the door, I didn’t realize it was 100% mandatory. I came with 2 boys, ages 14 and 12, just getting into the game and excited to play. Did they get to play? I’m glad you asked...

Day 1, I show up in the morning and there’s only 1 table with 2 seats open. That’s fine, the boys play, I sit and watch.

In the evening, my daughter decides she wants to play. So I go down and explain. I have three kids, very excited to play, plus myself, which makes 4 - basically a table ready to go can they please make sure that we have a GM for us in the morning. I’m told I can’t sign up in advance, but not a big deal. They will find us a game in the morning.

We arrive in the morning. Nope, no game for us. Can they ask a GM to come help (maybe one of you lovely scheduling people can help)? Nope. Can you maybe see if some of he other players will switch tables so that we have 4 seats? Nope, this other group has 4 people who want to be together.

Okay, fine, we will take 2 seats at 2 tables. After we’ve begun, I learn that the boys are replaying the same scenario they played in yesterday.

Fine. Day 3, we show up again (back down to 3). No seats available unless we want to play the same game the boys played the past 2 times.

I guess we play our own game. Im not sure what I was expecting, but some support would have been nice. Especially when I’m showing up every single morning and getting the same dog and pony show about how there are no seats.

Really sorry to hear about your issues. It was my first Paizo con too and I share many of your frustrations.

This is an awful first experience and I hope you and the kids try again next year and at other shows between now and then. If you do try again next year ask around on the forums ahead of time. they were very helpful getting me set up when I asked for help (making some of the responses here very surprising)

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Sara Marie wrote:
Soon™ :

the trademark soon including actual dates and times is somehow more terrifying than the classic soon with no further info .. not sure how that happened.

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GM Wageslave wrote:

At the same time, it is important to respect the boundaries that GM volunteers have set for themselves, and realize that not everyone has the same mastery or comfort level 'out of the gate'.

For PFS, to give an example, it took me nearly two years to feel 'comfortable' enough with play before I took up GMing. I suspect it will be something similar for Starfinder -- I don't want to take on the duties before I'm ready for them.

all the more reason I want to play more so I can be comfortable GMing. Also very interesting when I keep hearing "no on shows up to days when we are running."

so people are running somewhere and other people are not showing up sounds like a problem for all of us.