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This thread has been so, so helpful, and saved me so much time! My turn to try and contribute.

Here is a map I made for the Thistletop fortress, along with the goblin briar tunnels in Burnt Offerings. Alongside of it (in the Fantasy Maps album on RPG Map Share) is a map of the Bunyip's sea cave that you can directly overlay, along with a file that you can use as a basis to make "room curtains" to cover and reveal each section of the briar tunnels durring game play.

Ah well for her.

Cool, thanks so much, guys.

I have a player who just leveled her Wizard to Level 2. Her character's intelligence score is a wapping 20 and, according to the "Ability Modifiers and Bonus Spells" chart in the CRB, she gets one bonus slot for Level 2 spells per day. I know that, typically, a level 2 Wizard can not actually cast Level 2 spells because, according to "Table 3–16: Wizard" in the CRB, there are no level 2 spells granted for the base number of spells per day. Does this bonus slot that her 20 Intelligence grants her, count as an exception? I would think that it should and my instinct is to allow her to use Level 2 spells but I'm worried that, in doing so, I might be breaking some aspect of game-balance design. What do you guys think?

(Incidentally, Hero Lab yells at me in red when I tell it to have her character memorize a 2nd Level spell - but I don't necessarily consider Hero Lab's algorithm to be the final arbitrator of the rules).

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The Advanced Player's Guide states that you cannot use the Reposition Combat Maneuver to "maneuver a foe into a space that is intrinsically dangerous, such as a pit or wall of fire."

This makes sense, as the use of the maneuver is, as I understand it, not to grab the target and push/pull/shove them into their new position but, rather, to "shepherd" them there. So, understandably, any foe with any awareness of its surroundings will not willingly step backwards off a cliff - even if an opponent is trying to "out-maneuver" them there. However what if the square you are moving them to is "intrinsically dangerous" but not abundantly obvious - say a deadly trap trigger, for example? Would this limitation of the rule still apply?

Would a house rule allowing for an immediate perception check (at GM's discretion and perhaps with corresponding penalties) by any target being Repositioned into a non-obvious but immanent danger be appropriate?