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So Anathema is something that should have a meaningful effect on your character and the concepts and beliefs that shape these characters. All of the Anathema from the other orders are pretty good at this. However Storm Order is much less effective.

"Creating unnatural weather patterns that could be damaging to the local environment (such as by using a 9th-level control weather ritual) is anathema to your order."

This is very open to interpretation of your DM/GM as a first issue. Sooner or later that'll cause issues somewhere.

Second this doesn't matter for your character until at earliest level 9 and that is assuming that you count 'Control Water' as weather. I don't. After that at 15th level you can learn 'Punishing Winds' which makes a tiny area of massive winds which it might count... maybe?

Then the biggest one here is this thing. Storm Druid actually says, "Never, ever, cast the most powerful and only real storm spell in the book. Casting 'Storm of Vengeance' in any location that is not a city is Anathema to you.

As a side note I realise you can be involved as a side participant in a control weather ritual prior to being good enough to lead it yourself and still do something Anathema to your order. However Storm Order as it stands doesn't effect you until high teir 3 90% of the time. Besides that when it does effect you its very much a question of what does the DM/GM think it means and which spells trigger it?

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I have both a Starfinder Society Guild and a Starfinder Adventure Path subscription that I need cancelled.

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I want to see what people can come up with. Names for a company that operates almost exclusively in the drift rather than 'realspace.'

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I'm a little concerned with the scaling of some of the starship DC's based off ship tier. Things like DC 10+3×tier seem fairly impossible once you hit a certain point. Early on, sure. DC 13,16, 19... meh. DC 70 though... for this like, "You, shoot him one more time."

That's not to count the DC 15+2×tier that is all over. Sure, 45 isn't terrible at cap but it's punishing you for upgrading your ship why?

Assume you have a stat mod of +6. Then class skill for another +3. Skill Focus is +3. 20 ranks because why not. If you have a racial bonus it's +2. Invest in skill versatility +2.

You get +32 as a base, putting you under a 50% success chance.
+34 worth racial, still under 50%.
+36 and just over 50% with versatility.

You can get computers that grant an additional +10 which helps (not sure you can apply that to captain checks). Nor does it allow you to make a DC 70 check.

Am I just missing something or is it bad to upgrade past a certain point?