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I am having some trouble understanding exactly how a Titan Shield works.

This is the level 14 armor upgrade that can only be installed in powered armor.

The confusing part is: "When you activate it, choose one edge of your space. The shield extends along three continuous edges in a straight line centered on the chosen edge." Starfinder Core Rulebook pg 205

What exactly does edge of your space mean?
Is it one facing of the area your character takes up, thus making the size of a Titan shield variable based on the size of the armor projecting it?

So in my mind in a suit of Large power armor (as most near the level of the Titan shield are would Look like: (O's being spaces, the __ being the Titan shield along a line between spaces, and XX being the space of the power armor)


Please help me understand this meaning. The term edge is not something that has specific rules verbiage to my knowledge.

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Plasma Missiles found on table 1-8, pg 25, and described on pg 55 of Starfinder Armory.

Are these supposed to have the explode quality? The description seems to imply they work like other missiles (which explode), but do more damage.

Currently, as written you launch them with a missile launcher at a single target.

This seems quite strange to me.

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So the new faq's have clarified a great deal about powered armor.

Powered Armor FAQ:

Do things like armor upgrades on light armor and augmentations function when also wearing powered armor?

Armor upgrades installed in light armor do not function while their wearer is wearing powered armor. Augmentations function normally.

How does powered armor interact with modifications to movement speed?

Effects (including abilities and spells) that change a creature’s speeds do not affect the speeds of powered armor that creature is wearing; the powered armor's speeds replace the creature's. A creature wearing powered armor can use the speeds (both type and distance) only of its powered armor.

The question I have, are there ways around this to achieve flight (even limited duration or times) or other movement modes that are not included in the specific Powered Armor one is wearing.

I do understand that there are some expected disadvantages to powered armor, and am really just looking at options that might exist, especially for PFS style play.

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The option to "Place Your Order" is greyed out and not accessible in the Place your Order tab.

I have the following message in red:
"We need some information from you before we can display shipping details."

I cannot find where I might have missed information.

The only other option that I can see creating the problem is under the Subscription Option's tab.
Both options under combined shipping options are greyed out and unable to be selected.

I am trying to purchase the Pathfinder 2e Rulebook Subscription starting with the Advanced Player's Guide.

Please let me know how to proceed.

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So the general counteract rules use spell level or 1/2 creature level rounded up for things that are not spells.

" If an effect is a spell, its level is the counteract level. Otherwise, halve its level and round up to determine its counteract level. If an effect’s level is unclear and it came from a creature, halve and round up the creature’s level. " Core Rulebook 459

However there are a few examples where this is not the case.

First Example is the Clay Golem's Cursed Wounds:

"Cursed Wound (divine, curse, necromancy) A creature hit by the clay golem’s fist must succeed at a DC 29 Fortitude save or be cursed until healed to its maximum HP. The cursed creature can’t regain HP except via magic, and anyone casting a spell to heal the creature must succeed at a DC 29 counteract check or the healing has no effect. The golem’s counteract level is equal to its creature level." Bestiary 186

Another example of this is the level 16 rogue feat Dispelling Slice:
"Your sneak attack slices through the threads binding magic to a target. Make a Strike against a flat-footed creature (your choice). If your Strike deals sneak attack damage, you attempt to counteract a single spell active on the target. Your counteract level is equal to your rogue level, and your counteract check modifier is equal to your class DC – 10." Core Rulebook 189

So normally a level 10 creature (like a clay golem) would have a counteract level of 5 for it's abilities, requiring a successful counteract check with a level 4 spell, or a critical success from a level 2 spell. But as written it would take a success from a 9th level spell, or a critical success from a 7th level spell to counteract, which makes it essentially impossible for characters who are appropriate level to face a level 10 creature to counteract it.

Then suddenly at 16th level the rogue is the best dispeller in the game, having suddenly a level 16 dispel magic affect. (meaning successfully counteracts up to 15th level spells on a failure, though not on a critical failure)

I believe these examples are unintentional errors, but as written it could be quite detrimental to some play experiences, especially if they should come up in something like an Organized Play experience.

I first ran into this when our 8th level group fought a Clay Golem, and my fighter took 100dmg from 2 crits, and it became impossible for the group to heal him. The GM ended up giving us a macguffin to remove the cursed wound from some folks we helped.

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Your companion is a horse, pony, or similar equine.
Size Medium or Large
pg 216

So it seems as you can select a medium sized companion to represent a pony mount for a small character.

Mature Animal Companions
... If your companion is Medium or smaller,
it grows by one size.
pg 214

This is not written as optional, so you can only have a medium sized horse companion if you don't advance it at all with additional feats?

This seems unintended, is there something I am missing?

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I would like to start a Pathfinder Adventure path subscription, but the two options listed are Book 6 of Ruins of Azlant or Book 2 of War for the Crown. I would like to instead start with Book 1 of War for the Crown. Is this possible. Thank you for your time.

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So the Crimson Templar PRC in Paths of the Righteous makes it seem like the feats: Deific Obedience, and Celestial Obedience are interchangable.

This seems new to me.

relevant rules text:

"Obedience: At 1st level, a crimson templar gains
Deific ObedienceISG as a bonus feat. If the crimson templar
already has this feat or Celestial Obedience (Pathfinder
Campaign Setting: Chronicle of the Righteous 5), he instead
gains a bonus combat feat."
Paths of the Righteous pg 8

"Divine Boon: At 4th level, the crimson templar gains
Ragathiel’s first boon. At 7th level, he gains the second
boon. At 10th level, he gains the third boon. This ability
allows the crimson templar to access these boons earlier
than with the Deific Obedience or Celestial Obedience feat
alone; it does not grant additional uses of the boons once
the character reaches the necessary Hit Dice to earn the
boons normally. Ragathiel’s boons are detailed on page 21
of Chronicle of the Righteous."
Paths of the Righteous pg 9

Does this mean that someone can use a feat like Diverse Obedience or one of the Inner Sea Gods PRCs to advance the rate at one can get boons listed in Chronicles of the Righteous?

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I have volunteered to GM 5 slots (a tier 2) GM for PaizoCon, but when I click on event schedule for Paizo Con it says you do not have an e-ticket for this special event.

I have been unable to sign up for lottery events (though this is not the end of the world, I got pretty lucky last year). I contacted Mike Brock and he said to contact customer service.

Thanks for the help

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Could one use the boon from playing all three of these games with a character using the feats Nature Soul and Animal Ally? I guess a strict reading of the boon would be no, as the animal granted by the feats is not granted from a class feature.

I'd just like to get other people's thoughts on this.

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Hello, I am an evangelist cleric, that uses the Flagbearer feat along with a Banner of the Ancient Kings.

I wish to be able to use a Suzerain Scepter to boost this bonus further.

The Suzerain Scepter requires it to be wielded when the effect of the morale bonus is created, so would it work for my character to hold the rod, then pickup his longspear (with his Banner attached), activating the flagbearer feat, then put away his scepter and grasp the banner with both hands to get the added bonus from the Banner of Ancient Kings (that requires the Banner to be held in both hands for its effects)?

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I currently have a character using the flag bearer feat from the Inner Sea World Guide. He is currently holding the flag in one hand and using a buckler on that arm, while fighting with a one handed weapon. Is it possible to attach the flag to something like a reach weapon and wield that weapon? If it is, would it be restricted to certain types of reach weapons, like a longspear or a lance, but not a bardiche (harder to swing a weapon with a flag attached, but not much harder to stab, ect)? This is for a pathfinder society character. If this was for a home game character I would just work this out with my DM.

Thanks for the help