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Full Name

Kid Quickman




|Dan: -2|Fre: 1|Sav: 3|Sup: 1|Mun: 1| Angry, Insecure, Hopeless | Potential: 1/5 1 advancement





Special Abilities

Regeneration, Phasing, Air Manipulation

About Kid Quickman

Legacy Moves:
Never Give Up, Never Surrender
The legacy matters
Fight the good fight


Quickman is still active and prominent in the city
The Terrible Terrapin is the greatest foe my legacy has ever faced...and is still at large.

Madam Quick is Kid Quickman's paternal grandmother, retired and quite judgemental. She was a speedster hero who became a being of pure electricity and retired from heroics (but not from criticism towards her son and grandchildren)

Lucy Hansen AKA Slipstream is Quentin twin sister and another possible inheritor of the legacy. She got the speed, he got the fine molecular control. Lucy takes hero classes from te institute too. Lucy and Quentin have an adversarial but cordial relationship. There's only room for one of them in the Paragon Alliance.


When did you of officially become a part of your legacy? Kid Quickman was 13 when he first slipped through the floor. After a series of lengthy tests, his father discovered that he had no super speed at all, but many of the side benefits of super speed. It's not entirely clear how he can vibrate his molecules so fast he passes through solid matter, or spin his fingers so fast that he can knock over bank robbers, but he CAN'T run faster than a 14 minute mile.

What’s the greatest accomplishment of your legacy? Quickman once outran the pulse beams of Gorthor the Omega Man, running around the globe and causing the blasts to hit Gorthor in the back. Even superhero physics is iffy on that one being possible.

How does the public perceive your legacy? Quickman is known as the jokester of the Paragon Alliance. He's the fastest man alive and is universally beloved.

How does your legacy tie into your reasons for being a hero? Lots of pressure from his father and the other children of the Paragon Alliance. Kid Quickman knows he has a great responsibility to use his inherited powers for the good of humanity, but he would have rather not been Neo-Abled and have become a lawyer instead.

Why do you care about the team? We support each other in our efforts to do good. That's important, no matter what.

Gives: Sorrel, Tox, Solmira, Turnabout, all growups
Holds: Tox, Turnabout, Kid Lady Quickman, Archangel