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I'm looking for a piece of artwork that i think appeared in Dragon, or maybe Dungeon magazine. Its a sort of Grima Wormtongue/King Theoden thing with a sickly looking king and a dude in black whispering to him.

i've been combing through my old issues to dragon, and i for the life of me can't find it.
I was hoping maybe someone around here could help me out :)

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This is a very cool post full of really interesting stories. I would love to make it to Gen Con one day.
It's super cool that you got Clyde Caldwell to draw a picture of your character. I am jealous.

So I've gathered a group of pretty inexperienced players, 2 of them have never played rpgs before.

I think i'd like to get things moving with a good old fashioned dungeon crawl to get people a little more familiarized with the rules. But i'm having a terrible case of writers block.

So i was hoping to get some suggestions about good 3.5/PFRPG compatible low-level (like 1st-3rd level) published dungeon crawl adventures. Any opinions/thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

i just listened to the Game With Garfield with Jason Bulmahn.
offering some really interesting insights into the game and the setting.
good listen.

i'm pretty sure this is the right place to put this(not 100% though).

so i've been playing 3.5 since i got into gaming, and my group converted to pathfinder not long after the core rulebook was released(the $10 pdf price was too good to pass up checking it out). we love it.

anyway, to my point. we're finishing up our current campaign and have been kicking around the idea of playing a campaign set in Greyhawk, something we've never done. the problem is that we're total Greyhawk newbies. the extent of my knowledge of the setting comes from the 3.5 core rulebooks.
so i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. books to look for, websites to check out, whatever we need to try to get our hands on to get the feel and the setting right.

i'm super excited to see what you guys have to say. the idea of sort of exploring the roots of d&d while still playing in a system we're familiar with and love really appeals to me.