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I'm not seeing an option to start my subscription with the core rulebook? did I wait to late to sub, or is that just not an option?

This is the bestest news ever.
I now know what all of my future Audible credits will be spent on.

I just saw Lord of Runes on audible. I'm excited to pick it up. I really love these stories.

Does this mean that all future Pathfinder Tales will be released in audiobook form?

Alrighty. Trigger pulled. I went with an alliance pandaren hunter named Tanukii. I'll be on some this evening. Looking forward to joining you lovely folks.

So I just recently resubbed after being away for pretty much all of Mists. I (unsuprisingly) lost my previous guild. I haven't really found a new place to be yet, and i'm thinking that playing with some fellow paizo fans doesn't sound too shabby.

I'm heavily considering using my WoD boost to put a character on Borean Tundra. I love the game, but I get lonely :(. Which side generally has more activity on your average weeknight?

I can absolutely recommend Wrath of the Righteous as a read. I have read it (but not played it), and I quite enjoyed it as a read.

I have not been able to regularly play in quite some time, but I have read most of the adventure paths. I have to give some major props to Paizo for making their adventures enjoyable to read even if you aren't playing said adventure. In my case it has been nice to keep in touch with the hobby that I love, even if I can't sit at a table with a group and play very often at all.

I love Golarion as a setting, and reading through the APs give the setting this nice "slowly unfolding" quality that most RPG settings don't have.

Anyway. Put me in the 'APs are good reads as a read' column.

I'll add my personal favorite AP reads. In no particular order: Wrath of the Righteous, Carrion Crown, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Jade Regent, and Legacy of Fire

I'm a pretty big fan of Golarion's various faiths and religions and mythology.
More Clerics, paladins, oracles, inquisitors, or especially devout non-divine spell casters as characters would be cool. Or more stories that center around religious conflicts.

Hell and devils, lots of devils please.
Actually, all of Pathfinder's outter planes stuff is pretty great and I'd gladly read more

With mythic adventures out, is there a chance of any future Pathfinder Tales novels that tell a "mythic story"?

I'd really love to see a uniquely Golarion mythic tale.

How common is the knowledge that the Aboleths were responsible for Earthfall?

i have some experience running games set in Golarion using the Savage Worlds system. worked great for us. its a very different system, so the trick isn't to even try to convert the mechanics, and stick more to getting the flavor right.

Savage Worlds is my favorite generic rpg. very easy prep, which i like. having lots of experience with it, i'm pretty confident running almost any genre using it. And Golarion is by far my favorite fantasy campaign setting.

There's also the "flip books" that Count Varian Jeggare runs across while researching in another nobleman's library in Prince of Wolves.

I think it's also worth noting in this conversation that Golarion isn't just any old world. It's established that the gods (some of them anyway) are known on many other worlds of the material plane, and maybe it's different on some of those other worlds.

BUT, perhaps Golarion's role as The Cage of Rovagug plays a part in what the gods can and can't (or will and won't) do when it comes to Golarion specifically. Maybe they act differently in other parts of the material plane, but Golarion is special/different.

1) Are any of the iconics married?
2) Do any of them have children?

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Face-Palm wrote:
Khonger wrote:

Yay New Avatars!

I did it all for Tanuki.

*slow clap*

Can't take all the credit.

Dave Gross

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Yay New Avatars!

I did it all for Tanuki.

I've been browsing through your Erratic Episodes blog recently. What an amazing idea! I love playing different types of games and systems. Life is so hectic and my player's attentions (mine also) tend to drift, making it very difficult to keep a single campaign going for any significant amount of time. (I think over the years, we've started like 4 APs... Finished none). Anyway, I'm rambling.

What advice would you have to offer someone trying to do something similar (playing short 1-3 session games using different systems, settings, stories, etc)?

1) Have you given any thought to the origin of Aboleths in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting?
2) are we likely to ever learn this information?
3) are Aboleth humans from the far future that travelled back in time?

1) how prevalent is Pharasma's worship on the material plane?
2) are there other deities that fill her role as judge of the dead, or is her control over that role pretty secure?

TheWarriorPoet519 wrote:

"Freedom begets weakness. Submit and be strong."

I had an Asmodean NPC use this exact quote in my game session last night.

Thank You.

James Jacobs wrote:

I haven't had a chance in print yet to nail down class levels for non-spellcaster NPCs in Golarion yet, alas, but here's my thinking based on a quick flip-through of the Inner Sea World Guide.

Some of the historical Linnorm Kings would be mythic barbarians.

Some of the more powerful giant jarls are mythic fighters or barbarians, particularly Jarl Gnargorak of the Tusk Mountains.

Lord Gyr of Absalom is a mythic rogue.

There are several mythic fighters, monks, and rogues associated with Jalmeray.

Alkenstar was a mythic characer (probably a multiclass rogue with a few levels of wizard, but who abandoned magic for technology).

Previous gorilla kings were mythic fighters or rangers or barbarians (not the current one... he's pretty brand new and is "only" 14th level).

I'd like to think the Black Sovereign of Numeria is a mythic barbarian.

Some of the above might end up NOT being mythic when we finally get around to statting them up, just as others I've not mentioned might actually be mythic.

That fits what I was thinking pretty well for the most part. Except for Lord Gyr, that one hadn't occurred to me as a possibility. Interesting.

As you pointed out, there are quite a few mythic spell casters in Inner Sea Magic.

What might be some examples of mythic characters of other types in the Inner Sea Region (such as fighters, rogues, barbarians, cavaliers. That sort of thing)?

Male Manly Man Biotechnologist

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (10) + 3 = 13

Good lord... It's beautiful


This is an amazing service. I've become something of an iPad since Christmas. It's so much faster looking through my PDFs now.
I <3 Paizo
Go Go Golem!

James Jacobs wrote:
... One of the MOST famous playwrights, though, was Merivesta Olinchi of Nex, who may or may not have been the first person assassinated by the Red Mantis.

Interesting tidbit. Could you expand on this any? Why did they kill this person? Had she offended the gods or was it a run of the mill contract killing?

1) what is the name of the House that ruled Cheliax before the rise of House Thrune?

2) are there any heirs of said House still out there in Golarion?

3) is this the same House as that of King Aspex, or we're there other royal houses?

1) What kinds of entities could be a witch's patron?
2) Are there vestiges (like from 3.5) in the Pathfinder Campaign Setting?
3) If so, could a vestige be a witch's patron?

Also pharasma has the ice sub domain. What with the "winter years" being at the end of life, maybe she's sometimes associated with the actual season.

The NPC wrote:
Are there any Cold/Winter/Frost gods in Golarion?

There's Thremyr frost giant god of ice, salt, and tribute

James Jacobs wrote:
donato wrote:
Khonger wrote:
How did Iomedae cross the gap to get to the Cathedral of the Starstone?
According to the Acts of Iomedae, she cast out her cloak and it stretched out to a solid bridge for her.
Which is pretty badass, you gotta admit.


I could see running this campaign concept at home. I agree with the sentiment that you would want a constant group of players to really get the most enjoyment out of it.

How did Iomedae cross the gap to get to the Cathedral of the Starstone?

Destined Sorcerer. I could see witch too.

1) are there any gods worshipped in Casmaron that have no presence in the Inner Sea Region? (like with Tian Xia there was some overlap, but the "core pantheon" of Tian Xia wasn't exactly the same)
2) which gods from the Inner Sea have strong followings in Casmaron?

In all of the artwork of any cleric of Sarenrae I've ever seen, there are lots of yellows and kind of a sandy white color. Lots of light blue too. The iconic cleric I think is pretty representative.


The PRD is online, free, and searchable. It's an amazing resource.

This was by far my favorite round 2 submission.
This is a group that I would (and probably will) use in my games.

Got my vote!

On the subject of fighter schools, a few of them were made into archetypes in the Inner Sea Primer. Maybe the same could be done for magic "schools", bardic colleges, other guilds etc. come to think of it, I really like that idea, but I also really love archetypes.

What are the Horsemen of the Apocalypse's respective holy symbols?
Alternatively, which books can I look into to find that information?

1) Is Count Varian Jeggare related to the Jeggares mention in the Guide to Korvosa?
2) How big is the Jeggare Clan?
3) Are they all gentlemen explorers?

I just read Prince of Wolves by Dave Gross and Death's Heretic by James L. Sutter and absolutely loved them.
I got an iPad and some iTunes gift cards for Christmas, so I'm gonna get the ePub of Master of Devils because Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan are the greatest.

The Geekbox podcast!

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Dave Gross wrote:
I did it all for tanuki.

I love you.

I love your Pathfinder Tales fiction! The story from the Council of Thieves AP is what made me want to go out and buy pathfinder fiction. Count Varian Jeggare is my new favorite character in fantasy fiction. I love your work and can't wait to read more!

James Jacobs wrote:

1) Not all that common... although technically Sarenrae is one of the Empyreal Lords, so if you include her... quite common indeed. Worship of the other ones is common in places here and there; in Magnimar, for example, it's pretty common.

Which ones (not counting The Dawnflower) are most commonly worshipped in Magnimar?

1) how common is the worship of the empyreal lords in the inner sea region?

2) how would the average towns person react to a cleric of an empyreal lord? Would their faith be recognized and accepted or would they be regarded as strange?

3) how many empyreal lords are there? Are they as numerous as demon lords or is there a set number like archdevils?

The longest running campaign i ever played in was very soap opera-y. The whole campaign was in one city, with a huge cast of recurring NPCs that we got to know pretty well. There was some evil clones, some crime bosses that refused to stay dead, a jilted lover who turned her anger into a huge inter-noble-houses conflict, and once an identity stealing sorcerer with an obsession with a pc

This deserves to be applauded. Super awesome, sir.

James Jacobs wrote:
My RPG library is... pretty big. I'm about halfway through cataloging it.

I'm thinking of doing this very thing with my own collection

how are you cataloging your RPG Library?
Are you using a specific method or program?

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I realize that this discussion is a little old, but I just wanted to put my two cents in. I got this book for Christmas (this morning), and I have absorbed over half so far. I've never read any of Gygax's fiction before. It is awesome. I can't wait to get the Inhetep trilogy with the gift cards I got.

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