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Full Name

Kevin Ramos


goo dragon


alchemist 16(spellhammer) / synthesist 16







Special Abilities





Ooze, Common, Draconic, Sylvan, Terran, Understand but not speak Protean, Aklo, Grippli, Aboleth, Elven, Aquan,



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Strength 30
Dexterity 20
Constitution 32
Intelligence 30
Wisdom 10
Charisma 30

About Kevin Ramos

Touch 15
656HP(counting it total. Easier that way)
Melee to hit 22
Range to hit 17
12 bab
Will +14
Fort +25
CMB 22, 30 to grapple
CMD 41, 43 for grapple, +FoM,

Kevin looks somewhat like opaque blue jello pressed into a dragon mold. He is eight feet tall. he has a moderately long neck, shortish arms ending in pudgy hands with lightly pointed fingers, almost no legs, a large round belly, large and flat feet and a moderately sized tail. he has a short snout and big eyes, and two stubby horns on top of his head. His mouth is perpetually turned up in a closed smile, but he does not have visible teeth. He seems moist and leaves slick footprints, but does not drip and only leaves surfaces he touches mildly damp. he has on a gigantic white, stitched together lab coat(greater poisoner's jacket) a little ball of orange gel pokes out of the top breast pocket and "looks" around. he is sort of fat. if the light catches him right, there appear to be a bunch of vials silhouetted in his torso and belly and lining the inside of the lab coat.

detect magic:
He seems to be made mostly of transmution magic, with a bunch different colors floating around in his belly. His vest is conjuration and necromancy.

the making of:
There is a bang in one of the alchemy labs. this happens often, but this time it held some major consequences for the maker. when the fog clears, what appears to be a large ooze is laying in the wreckage of a broken lab table. as the onlookers point and talk, it slowly takes a semi anthropomorphic draconic form. It looks around confused. somewhere in the wreckage there are two bottles labeled "ooze 106" and "dragon form 32"...(previously) Kevin was not so popular. he was always just that weird kid that played with the jello monsters, so he often was lead to working alone in the far corner of the alchemist lab. Kevin had always liked the versatility of slimes, though they weren't terribly bright, they could do things solid people just couldn't. He frequently practiced making and bottling his favorite things to play with and experiment on. His latest experiment was trying to combine a non acidic slime with the dragon form spell he recently learned. The results were explosive to say the least. through a fluke in design, his genetics were combined with both the slime's and the dragon aspect of the spell, leaving him a combined version of both with seemingly no way to remove or reverse the effects. though, like his favorite creatures, he is flexible and accepts his new body for what it is. if one is to be a new accidental species, Avalon is the place to do it. He now focusses his time on trying to make a true dragon slime and learning new ways to use his squishyness. He also learned that with alchemical tinkering he can use his natural dragon poison to dangerous effect.

Goo Dragon stats:

loosely redesigned around protean and aeetes' dragon
Speed 40 ft., climb 20 ft., fly 40 ft. (poor)
Bite(1d8)(grab), Swallow whole 2d6 acid or bludgeoning or 1d6 each, fast swallow,

Untiring(ex): The goo dragon does not need to sleep and is immune to fatigue and exhaustion.

Poison (Ex)
Bite—injury; save Fort DC 21; frequency 1/round for 4 rounds; effect 1 Con; cure 1 save

Freedom of Movement (Su): A goo dragon has continuous freedom of movement, as per the spell.

Amorphous Anatomy (Ex): A goo dragon's vital organs shift and change shape and position constantly. This grants it a 50% chance to ignore additional damage caused by critical hits and sneak attacks, and grants it immunity to polymorph effects, unless it is a willing target.

Resistance to electricity, sonic10, acid immunity,

30ft blindsense

Rounded edges(ex): all natural attacks do bludgeoning damage

Selective Digestion(ex): as a goo dragons "stomach" occupies the whole of its body, a goo dragon can choose not to digest creatures that it swallows whole. A goo dragon can selective individual objects or creatures it has swallowed to digest. The swallowed creature will still suffocate if not given a supply of breathable air.

midsized stretch(ex): a goo dragon is bordering large and medium sized. It counts as whichever is more beneficial to it.

alchemist discoveries:

bottled ooze
elixer of life
healing touch
spontaneus healing
concentrate poison
sticky poison
extend potion
eternal potion


Craft ooze
master alchemist
Improved grapple
Greater grapple
Quicken spell
Greater combat defense training
Eldritch Heritage
Extra Discovery
Accelerated Drinker
Alchemical Intuition


Kevin is a synthesist/alchemist. he is a spellhammer to remove the bombs that don't fit so well to the idea. his body became squishy and mutable and he has found that imagination and a minutes worth of concentration allows him to manipulate his body. (he can rearrange his evolution points through a minute's worth of time.) for all intents and purposes there is no eidolon, simply his ability to reshape himself. his base stats listed above is his original form and this is what the evolutions are added onto. He's level sixteen synthesist for the purposes of "you must be this level before you can take this evolution", but this ability is very new to him.
The evolutions he can take don't include elemental resistances, any of the magics, spirit ones, smite, channel resistance, energy attacks, shadow blend, shadow form, undead appearance, weapon training, celestial appearance, sacrifice, dimension door, incorporeal form, lifesense, spell resistance. Ergo, mostly limited to physical ones. These might be given exceptions for acid type things.
He's a little complicated. So, his stats listed here are his stats as if they were a base form unmodified by evolutions. This is his "base form" as it were. As evolution prerequisites, he is considered to have:
Limbs (legs), limbs(arms), bite, flight(wings), swallow whole,
For evolutions of "must be of X base form" he counts as any except aquatic.


Summoner Spells:

0: acid splash
Mage hand
Detect magic
Arcane mark
1: ant haul
Corrosive touch
Enlarge person
Reduce person
Unseen servant
2: alter self
Communal mount
Summon swarm
3: Stoneskin
Reduce person, mass
Greater magic fang
Greater invisibility
Black tentacles
4: vitriolic mist
Acid pit
Baleful polymorph
Purified calling
5 Tar pool(acid for fun)
Greater teleport
Conjure black pudding
Plane shift
6: create demi plane
Dominate monster

Nearly all alchemist formula gathered over time kept in data pad as book.
Extracts per day
Summoner spells per day