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Yeah, the main problem in my case is I didn't detect evil, and was mostly going off of an assumption that killing it was a good thing to do.

Ok to start off, I have not yet fallen, and I'm following both the standard paladin code and the shelyn code. I am going to talk to my GM about this, I think he gave me bad marks as so far I've been dealing with things non-lethaly and I switched to lethal for what I figured was an evil creature, again I'm going to talk to him about this.

So, my group has recently started running the curse of the crimson throne ap, and I decided to play a paladin. After a few sessions, I got bad marks as a paladin for killing an ettercap, as it was a sentient being.(when I found it, it was chewing on a corpse, I might resent the GM a little for this) If I do fall, that's unfortunate but oh well. Anyways I was just hoping for advice to try to avoid falling if at all possible.

Step 1: Buy a mundane greatsword
Step 2: Cast Greater Magic Weapon
Step 3: Sell now magic greatsword
Step 4: Leave ASAP

The NPC is a human noble and is important because his sister is the town's alchemist who is attempting to develop a cure for the lycanthropy without using wolfsbane. With our NPC noble dead, he can't cover up the fact that his sister(the alchemist) is insane. Once the insanity is exposed the town will most likely cut her funding on the lycanthrope cure. Lycanthropy is a major problem for this small town.

My character has made a serious mistake... In an attempt to clear a town of werewolves, my character killed a fairly important npc that was innocent. He is currently trying to find a way to fix that mistake by bringing the person back to life. I'm trying to find a inexpensive way of doing this. Any suggestions?

So normally the hunter's bond with companions sucks but I'm not sure if it's better that I can give my allies the full favored enemy bonus and I can use it with my favored terrain would this still be terrible compared to the animal companion?