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Coming in a little late to this, but I think it's worth looking at one more piece of the feat, which is the 'normal' behavior.

"Normal:It takes 1 minute to treat deadly wounds, and longterm care requires a medical bay or medical lab."

It doesn't say anything about the normally being unable to use a medpatch, only the amount of time required to perform the check. What it does say is that you lose the normal functions of the medpatch. It's a way of letting you use this skill in a pinch to give someone a quick patch-up.

Metaphysician wrote:
Does it specify that you need a tool kit, or a Tool Kit?

What it says is "The DCs of most medicine tasks are based on the type of equipment used". Treat deadly wounds says "This takes 1 minute, and the DC is based on the medical equipment used."

That implies that medical equipment is required, since a DC without medical equipment isn't offered anywhere else in the rulebook. With the ambiguity, I think a GM could rule it a high DC (30+) at their discretion, but without errata I don't think there's a 100% satisfactory answer.

I would really like to see a departure from fixed spell quantities, and *maybe* effects. Having magic is a good thing, it isn't done well in sci-fi settings very often, IMO. But with a scientific approach to magic, there's a lot more than can be done. I'd love to see a more flexible system, somewhere between Ars Magica and Pathfinder. I think there are some obvious core spells or spell effects that are going to exist (unless magic goes away, there will still be fireballs), but I'd love to see a system that gives room for more dynamic spell use. A lot of spells have one or two uses, and by core rules can't do anything else. For example, why couldn't a magic missile be used to push a button across a room? Yes, it may smash the button and destroy it, but it's basically a dart of force.

I don't want to see the same basic races (dwarves, elves, etc.), but we should definitely see their influence and evolution. Not just space-dwarves, but some progression/growth of the species.

I think the biggest thing I'm seeing from most people as I'm going through this thread is that we don't want Pathfinder reskinned in space. Yes, there should be influences and guidance from the past, but if you look at how far humanity has made in thousands of years we have influences of the past, but vastly more capacity. I know that it's been indicated that the rules will mesh with Pathfinder, but please don't make this just a new set of unchained rules to let Pathfinder work in space.

Note on Unchained:

I like Pathfinder Unchained. But we already have it, and we don't need the equivalent that puts the same tropes and characters on space ships.

I have a question for the community - What are your favorite moments when you're playing an RPG? What moments make it worthwhile, and draw you in? On the flipside, what frustrates you or bores you?

Hey people!

I'm starting a new pen and paper system, and I need some help. First, I'm looking for feedback as the development goes on. As far as I'm aware, it's a unique system which emphasizes storytelling over 'gaming'. This is more about creativity than simply plodding through a few hundred dice rolls. It's technically low fantasy, with a few steam-punk elements, and it has it's own, self-contained world to provide a framework for players. It isn't really ready to test quite yet, but it's getting close. I'm looking for a few people who are willing to run through the materials as they come ready, and review them. I do have a dev team of 5 others who are helping with the creative process, as well as proofing the system itself, but outside input is always needed.

Second, I'm running a Kickstarter for it. If it doesn't get funded, it won't derail the development, just means I have to focus my attention elsewhere so I don't starve to death If you have any suggestions for other rewards for the Kickstarter, let me know. This is a project I've wanted to do since I was a little kid, I just never had the resources or help to get it done properly, and I really want to do it justice. The actual kickstarter project is HERE, and it gives you a bit more of an idea of what the game is about.

Any feedback is welcome, I want to get this project moving and released so people can enjoy it.