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As far as setting goes for this Adventure Path, and others in the past, how do maps work (for both combat and non-combat)? Do the monthly AP books come with foldout maps? Or maps in the books that can be scanned and printed for the players?

Oh really? Awesome! With the discount applied to each Adventure Path book it seems like there's no reason not to subscribe then. Thanks again!

Thank you both! One more question, do you need to subscribe to the Adventure Path for the free Player's Guide PDF? Or can you purchase them individually? I, nor my group, have ever played Pathfinder. So I don't know I want to subscribe for the Strange Aeons Adventure Path for six books to learn after a month or two it's not for us.

Hello all,

Sorry for what's probably a very basic question, but this thread seems to be referring to a Strange Aeons "Player's Guide". I only see the six modules and map poster as being available for pre-order or subscription on this website. Is the "Player's Guide" term synonymous with the first adventure path book? Or is there another book also coming out that I haven't seen yet?

Thanks so much.

-Kennifus Prime