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Full Name

Eureka "Keeka" Quagmire




Bard - 7 (slow track)







Special Abilities

Helpful Halfing, Flag Bearer, Banner of the Ancient Kings, Triple Time, Symphony of the Elysian Heart




Desna/Chaldira Zuzaristan


Halfling, Varisian



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 13
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 20

About Keeka

“Two feet, Eight inches of awesome!” That’s how Keeka would describe herself. Thin and lithe, which is typical of her particular stock of halflings, her strawberry blonde curls often bounce in her face and are always in a state of disarray. Beneath her curls, large green eyes sparkle with mischief and are constantly on the hunt for any sign of fun. Perched on her head is a threadbare bi-corn hat that is slightly too large for someone so small. She’s lovingly sewn patches and used multiple colors of string to keep this hat together. Having found it at the bottom of an old theater supply closet during one of her adventures, she instantly fell in love with it and has worn it ever since. Usually her hat is worn with the ends facing her shoulders, but when the situation is turning serious, she will turn the hat so that one end points in the direction she is looking, and the other points behind her.

Attached to her hip is her favorite whip constantly at the ready as it is useful for so many things; To enhance a performance, to knock something over, or to distract a creature long enough for someone with a very large hammer to smash it to bits. Also ever at her side is her bestest buddy in the whole wide world – her hero, Karl. Karl has suffered through her shenanigans since the day he saved her from an ambush of undead skeletons. He wasn't always so friendly, but after a few days of following him and leaving him gifts he eventually tolerated her presence. Over time it turned into an unlikely friendship, and they have not been parted since.
Hidden beneath her entertainers tunic is a chain shirt – Karl insists that she wears it, and refused to listen when she told him it wasn’t very pretty. Karl would not hear any of it; insisting it was for him just as much as it was for her. When she removed the armor and offered it to him helpfully, he scowled and told her if she removed it again while traveling he would sew her into it. With a few mutters of “grumpy pants” and something about “cramping her style” Keeka caved and has dutifully wore the chain shirt ever since during their adventures together.

On her back she carries a pole slightly taller than herself that is brightly painted and adorned with various pieces of ribbon, string, and cloth all tied carefully and covering nearly every square inch of wood. Flying proudly from the top of her decorated staff is a flag bearing the Glyph of the Open Road, the symbol of the Pathfinder Society. Keeka is proud to be a member of the society's Grand Lodge and helps boost her companions' morale with her unwavering devotion to the cause. She is glad to be part of something bigger than she is (no pun intended) and enjoys helping the society reach their goals.
Keeka loves to embellish and is not above spinning a tale. She has successfully bluffed her way out of many dangerous encounters. Using her bardic skills, she knows how to turn a hostile encounter into a pleasant one by use of her charm. Once she gets started on a tale, no one can stop her… no one except Karl. One word from her friend, or an open palm placed on her shoulder and she will pause for a breath. Keeka knows he would only interfere for good reason.
Being a devout follower of Desna, Keeka is prone to chasing blue butterflies as they are a divine symbol of her goddess. Karl must to keep one watchful eye on her when these are around as she will drop everything else at the sight of a blue butterfly to see where it will lead her. More than once he has grabbed the back of her cloak by her collar to keep her from scampering away!

Keeka’s believes that life is the greatest adventure to be had and always manages to find the silver lining when most would say there are none to be found. She’s quick with a one-liner to bring a smile, or to step in and diffuse even the most difficult of situations. For one so small, she is very brave of heart. She will risk everything to save a friend, and will fiercely protect those that she considers family.

Current inspire courage: +5/+5 with Banner of the Ancient Kings