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About Keaton Bloodfang

Before he was bit...

Keaton “Bloodfang” Antairus
Human Vampire, Male
Warlock10/Swashbuckler3/Stalwart Defender4
Hit Dice: 10d8+3d10+4d12+17+85
Hit Points: 260

Height: 5'7 Weight: 100lbs Age: 40 years(looks to be in his early 20's)
Hair: Dark Red, like blood Eyes: Red Skin: Deathly Pale
Alignment: Neutral Deity: Wee Jas

Languages: Common, Undercommon, Aklo, Sylvan, Terran

Fortitude: +15 =8(Class)+2(Profane)+5(Cloak)
Reflex: +23 =5(Class)+9(Dex)+2(Profane)+2(Lightning Reflexes)+5(Cloak)
Will: +18 =10(Class)+1(Wis)+2(Profane)+5(Cloak)

Base Attack Bonus: +14/+9/+4
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +23 (+27 for Dirty Trick or Disarm)
Combat Maneuver Defense: 39 (43 vs Dirty Trick or Disarm)

Armor Class: 35 =10(Base)+8(Armor)+9(Dex)+6(Natural)+2(Dodge)
Touch Armor Class: 21 =10(Base)+9(Dex)+2(Dodge)
Flat-Footed: 24 =10(Base)+8(Armor)+6(Natural)
Speed: 30ft

Str 22(10+6+6)
Dex 28(16+2+4+6)
Con – (originally 14)
Int 24(14+1+1+2+6)
Wis 12(+2)
Cha 20(14+1+1+4)

+5 Merciful Cane Sword of Defense (1d6+6+4+5+1d4 non-lethal, x2, 4lbs, P) +29/+24/+19
Eldritch Ray(5d6, x2, 60ft, Untyped Damage)+23 ranged touch attack(ray)
2 Daggers (1d4+6, 19-20/x2, 10ft, 1 lb, P or S) +23/+18/+13 melee or +23/+18 range

Acrobatics: +29 =9(Dex)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)
Bluff: +31 =5(Cha)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)+8(Vampire)
Knowledge(Arcana): +27 =7(Int)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)
Knowledge(Religion): +27 =7(Int)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)
Sense Motive: +31 =1(Wis)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)+8(Vampire)+2(Alertness)
Spellcraft: +27 =7(Int)+17(Ranks)+3(Class)
Stealth: +34 =9(Dex)+17(Ranks)+8(Vampire)
Perception: +27 =1(Wis)+13(Ranks)+3(Class)+8(Vampire)+2(Alertness)
Fly: +15 =9(Dex)+3(Rank)+3(Class)

Headband Skills
Knowledge(Nature): +24 =7(Int)+17(Ranks)
Knowledge(Geography): +24 =7(Int)+17(Ranks)
Survival: +18 =1(Wis)+17(Ranks)

Lv1: Combat Expertise(-4/+4)
Human: Improved Dirty Trick
Swashbuckler: Weapon Finesse
Lv3: Blind-Fight
Lv5: Weapon Focus(Sword Cane)
Lv7: Improved Disarm
Lv9: Quick Draw
Lv11: Agile Maneuvers
Lv13: Greater Dirty Trick
Lv15: Defensive Combat Training
Lv17: Greater Disarm

Human Class Features
+2 Dex, Medium, Normal Speed, Bonus Feat(See Feats), Skilled
Favored Class Bonus: Warlock x 10(Skill points)

Vampire “Racial” Features
Undead(Augmented), Darkvision 60ft, Natural Armor improves by +6, Use Charisma Modifier for Hit Points, Channel Resistance +4, DR 10/Magic and Silver, Resistance Cold and Electricity 10, Fast Healing 5, Slam(1d8), Blood Drain(Su), Children of the Night(Su), Create Spawn(Su), Dominate(Su) Dc18 + Cha, Energy Drain(Su), Change Shape(Su)(Dire Bat or Wolf, as Beast Shape II), Gaseous Form(Su), Shadowless(Ex), Spider Climb(Ex)
+6 Str, +4 Dex, +2 Int, +2 Wis, +4 Cha, No Con
+8 racial bonus to Bluff, Perception, Sense Motive, and Stealth
Bonus Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, Toughness

Spellstitched Template Features
Spell-Like Abilities
(Lv1(Dc13) 4/day: Grease, Ray of Enfeeblement(1d6+5 Str damage)
Lv2(Dc14) 4/day: Glitterdust, Acid Arrow)
Damage Reduction 5/Magic and Silver, Turn Resistance +2(Stacks with existing TR), Spell Resistance 15, +2 Profane bonus to Saving Throws

Warlock Class Features
Eldritch Blast(5d6), Invocations(Least), Detect Magic, Damage Reduction 2/Cold Iron, Deceive Item, New Invocation(Least or Lesser), Fiendish Resilience, Energy Resistance 5

Swashbuckler Class Features
Weapon Finesse(Bonus Feat), Grace +1, Insightful Strike

Stalwart Defender Class Features
AC Bonus(+1 Dodge), Defensive Stance(+2 Dodge, +4 Morale Str/Con, +2 Morale Will Save), Defensive Power(Bulwark), Uncanny Dodge, Defensive Power(Immobile)

Invocations Known
Least: Eldritch Blast(250ft range), Darkness(as the spell), Entropic Warding(Deflect Range Attacks, leave no trail, can't be tracked by scent)

Lesser: Voidsense(Blindsense 30ft), Eldritch Chain, Flee the Scene(Short Range D Door, leave Major Image)

Belt of Physical Might +6(Str and Dex)
+5 Merciful Sword Cane of Defense
Bracers of Armor +8
Cloak of Resistance +5
Golem Bane Scarab
Headband of Vast Intellect +6(Know: Nature/Geography and Survival)
Cauldron of Plenty
Cauldron of Resurrection
Ring of Forcefangs
Ring of Evasion

Courtier's Outfit w/jewelry
Cleric's Outfit w/red-gold trim
Silver Holy Symbol
Signet Ring(a bat sleeping upside-down)
100 pieces of chalk
Water Clock
Explorer's Outfit
Wand of Inflict Serious Wounds(50 charges, 3d8+7)
700 gold in emergency funds