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This is one case where a dictionary comes in handy;
"Miasma, a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere."
Miasma is not a smell, or a gas type thing, its an aura, and works like one.

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So many dogooders, so little time.
Hail Azmodeus.

My party is mostly very experienced roleplayers, but not so much with Pazio products, so its pretty standard fare..

Rob Greymore, Human Oracle of Battle. Sofar, mostly AC
Hayd Jerkel, Human Alchemist. Regularly does more damage to PCs than NPCs
Karsa Orlong, Human Savage Technologist (Barbarian). Likes to charge with his Lucern Hammer.
Tool Brightiron, Dwarven Blight Druid. Likes to get hit alot.
Sartoris, Human Archivist (Bard). Only one that knows whats going on.
Aiasha, Catfolk Rogue. Only female, also a bit scary and purrs whenever something dies.