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Full Name



| HP 84/84 | AC 22 | F+13 R+11 W+12 | resist cold 3, negative 1 | Perc+12; Darkvision


| Speed 25ft | Focus [_] [_]| Hero Points 1 | Spells 2nd 2/2 3rd 2/2 | Exploration: Avoid Notice | Active Conditions: None


Male Kobold Summoner 6 | Eidolon: Zak





Special Abilities

Act Together


Neutral Good


Common, Draconic, Sylvan



Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 19

About Kaz, Kobold Summoner

Male Kobold Summoner 6
NG, Small, Humanoid, Kobold
Heritage Dragonscaled (Silver)
Background Fortune Teller
Perception +11; Darkvision
Languages Common, Draconic, Sylvan
Skills Acrobatics (E) +13, Deception +12, Diplomacy (E) +14, Nature +10, Occultism +8, Stealth +11, Fortune Telling Lore +8, Pathfinder Society Lore +8
Str 10 (+0), Dex 16 (+3), Con 16 (+3), Int 10 (+0), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 19 (+4)
Items sling (20 sling bullets), Dagger, Adventurer's Pack, Caltrops (2 sets), Winter Clothing
Invested +1 Striking handwraps of mighty blows, Wayfinder with pearly white spindle aeon stone, +1 explorer's clothing, bracers of missile deflection
AC 22; Fort +13; Ref +11; Will +12
HP 84/84
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] Dagger +11, Damage 1d4 P
Melee [1] Fist +12, Damage 2d4 B
Ranged [1] sling +11 (propulsive, range increment 50 feet, reload 1), Damage 1d6 B
Primal Summoner Spellcasting DC 22, attack +12; 1st fear, heal; 2nd (2 slots) mirror image; 3rd (2 slots) fireball, slow; Cantrips (3rd) boost eidolon [SoM], electric arc, ghost sound, prestidigitation, protect companion [SoM], stabilize
Focus Spells 2 Focus Points; 1st Evolution Surge, Extend Boost
Ancestry Feats Scamper [APG], Cringe [APG], Ally's Shelter
Class Feats Glider Form (1st), Magical Understudy (Bonus), Extend Boost (2nd), Tandem Movement (4th), Eidolon's Opportunity (6th)
Skill Feats Oddity Identification, Bon Mot, No Cause for Alarm, Quick Identification (School bonus), Cat Fall
General Feats Ancestral Paragon
Other Abilities component substitution, spells, Manifest Eidolon, Act Together, Share Senses
Eidolon: Zak
Spells School: scroll of haste
PFS Character # 2389841-2002
Faction Envoy's Alliance
1. BB: Menace Under Otari: Upper Dungeon (GM)
2. BB: Menace Under Otari: Lower Dungeon (GM)
3. Bounty #5: Witch's Winter Holiday
4. Quest #13: Falcon's Descent
5. Bounty #20: Burden in Bloodcove
6. 1-06: Lost on the Spirit Road
7. 3-18: Dacilane Academy's Delightful Disaster
8. Quest #8: Shadows of the Black Sovereign
9. 1-03: Escaping the Grave
10. Quest #1: Sandstone Secret (GM)
11. 2-00: King in Thorns
12. Quest #12: Putrid Seeds
13. 2-09: The Seven Secrets of Dacilane Academy (GM)
14. Quest #14: The Swordlord's Challenge
15. 2-02: Mountain of Sea and Sky
16. 1-13: Devil at the Crossroads
17. Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire (GM)
18. 4-08: Battle for Star's Fate
19. 4-07: A Most Wondrous Exchange!
20. DA: Shaking the Helping Hand (GM)
21: 4-03: Linnorm's Legacy (GM)
22: 4-04: To Seek the Heart of Calamity (GM)
1. Achievement Point Reward: Wayfinder
2. Achievement Point Reward: Skillful Mentor
3. Achievement Point Reward: Envoy's Alliance Gear
A timid little bluish-silver kobold. Kaz doesn't necessarily look like he belongs among the Pathfinders, but he is earnest and eager to participate.
Kaz can be timid, but grows in confidence as he starts doing something. He's had to be diplomatic in his relationship with Zak, and he's growing more comfortable in dealing with people at large.

It doesn't hurt that the fairy has become a formidable bodyguard, and that Kaz himself now has potent magic. Well, more potent then the magic he had before, which was none.
Kaz was once living in Absalom, largely unnoticed. Very unnoticed.
Sufficiently unnoticed that the cruel wizard didn't pay him any mind as she looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to her, before revealing her capture to her friends: A tiny sprite, held in a birdcage.

The little man shouted to be set free, but the wizard and her friends only laughed. She shook the cage roughly, which thoroughly quieted him. She talked about how the fey were such fascinating creatures, and her plans to dissect him to learn more.

She hid the cage away again, then took her things to her room before returning to the inn's common room for dinner.

Kaz had never done anything so daring, but he didn't know anyone else to go to. He broke into the violent adventurers' room, found the cage, and smashed the lock. The fairy took off through the window without a word to him, and was gone.

The matter settled, Kaz just tried to forget it until he had the dream a few nights later. In it, a very scary woman (or possibly a forest--or maybe a mountain?) thanked him for rescuing her son (he had a feeling this wasn't exactly the truth), and told him that as a reward the two of them would be bound together for mutual protection.

A strange dream, but just a dream. Until he noticed the sulky fairy sitting near where he slept.
Zak--the only name the fairy will give him, though Kaz feels sure that he's just making fun of his own name--can be an infuriating companion. He's not happy to have been bound to a mortal (as though this is Kaz's fault?). He seems to know a lot about the magic linking them together, but explains only condescendingly and only after the information would have been useful.

Kaz has come to understand that the "mutual protection" has come in the form of mutual empowerment. Zak has grown much larger, and though this change came at the expense of his flight it has certainly made him stronger. This is, apparently, the strength he draws from a mortal. And the power that the mortal draws from the fey is... magic. Kaz found himself quite suddenly empowered.

And it was good that the Pathfinder Society finds these skills useful, because that Wizard was after the person who broke into her room, and Zak has become alarmingly difficult to hide.