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TRDG wrote:
Are you talking about any product bought from Paizo, physical and digital?

I was thinking the bundling would be with physical products for the purpose of driving physical product sales.

TRDG wrote:
Now I know that I did not buy the above knowing I'd get some free stuff for an upcoming Virtual tabletop. But I hope I would not have to rebuy digitally the second list, or at least to get a "better deal". But proving what one has bought from a store could be a big can of worms I know....

When I was looking up info about PDFs for books purchased at a local shop, Paizo had something in their FAQ about not providing PDFs for local purchases. I would assume the same to be true about this. It sucks, but I'm just trying to make an educated guess based on their other policies.

TRDG wrote:
I have no subscribtions as of yet, so when I come onto Game Space, what would I have "for free" that I could work with in running a game?

One could assume there would be enough free content to at least host a game for free, though the extent of which I couldn't begin to guess.

TRDG wrote:
Yes, as a player I could perhaps play for free, but to run something I only have the physical copies of, I would have to also buy the same dig items as well, hope there is some other way.

Digital copies should exist for purchase. The bundling would be designed to drive physical product sales. It's an alternative method.

TRDG wrote:
Next, I did'nt see anything as to free maps, base play or tokens one could use to set up and run for free, is that included as just a registered user?

I assume you would need a registered account to access the VTT. You shouldn't require anything else to play a game. Hosting(DM'ing) a game should have a certain amount of free content to at least be able to play for free.

Just to be absolutely clear, I am in no way affiliated with Paizo or the VTT project. I'm just trying to offer my own input as well. The answers above are only in response to questions specifically about my suggestions.

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Just adding a couple of my personal thoughts on some sensitive subject material...

1) Price to Play
- There should be no cost to play for a player. Anyone with an account should be free to join a game and view 100% of the content within that game without being charged for it. Including but not limited to premium content, expanded content, custom content.
- There should be no immediate cost to host a game as a DM. Anyone with an account should be free to start and DM a game, using 100% of the content that they have previously purchased or acquired through legal means without being charged anything extra for the sake of hosting. This would exclude any premium or expanded content that has not been purchased.

2) Premium Pricing
- Premium content should be fairly priced in such a way that customers will find value in the content and not feel "nickle & dime'd."

3) Subscription Model
- There could be a subscription based model where for a fair 1/3/6/12 monthly fee a host can have access to all premium and expanded content. If the subscription lapses, the customer would still have access to all premium and expanded content that they had purchased individually before or during the subscription time.
This would give customers a chance to use all of the premium and expanded content on a temporary basis without having to commit to purchasing individual premium content.

4) Bundling
- Bundling is a great way to give value to a product and make customers feel like they're getting a good deal while also potentially driving sales of physical goods.
- Purchased miniatures could come with a virtual tabletop token(s) representing that miniature.
- Purchased comics could come with a VTT map or tileset that was features in that comic.
- Purchased Pathfinder books or Pathfinder Adventure books could come with bonus material for the VTT.

5) Sales & Deals
- Every once in a while have a good sale on premium and/or expanded content.
- Customers who are already subscribed to one Pathfinder subscription model should be offered a discount on a VTT subscription.

6) Premium Content (highly debatable)
- Map Packs
- Tilesets
- Token Packs
- Being able to import custom content, such as your own tokens, maps, tilesets, etc. (Due to the nature of custom content, this could require a subscription fee only)
- Tools to make your life easier
- Animations (wink wink nudge nudge)

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I would like to add my own suggestions to this thread.
1) The ability to import custom drawn maps.
2) The ability to create custom monsters and abilities.
3) Visual representation for afflicted status effects (so people can take a quick glance at the board and see that they are stunned, slowed, poisoned, bloodied, etc)
4) An RPGMaker style method of building maps (it's a little hard to explain, it's sort of like painting but with tiles)