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Full Name

Karthak Ironbreaker




Inquisitor 06 Guardian 01 HP 71/71 | AC 21 (23) T 12 FF 20 (22) | CMB +9 CMD 12 | F+10 R+5 W+10 | Init +4 | Perc +12







Special Abilities

Dwarven racial abilities (has craftsman from APG instead of greed)






Kenabres, Mendev


Dwarven, common


Hunting down demons and their mortal servants

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Karthak Ironbreaker

Strength 16
Dexterity 13
Constitution 16
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 5

About Karthak Ironbreaker

Background: Khartak's family had lived in Nerosyan since before the time of the first crusade. Originally expatriated artisans from Highelm the industrious dwarves thrived in an important port city like Nerosyan of old. Things didn't change with the worlwound opening and the crusader's influx into Mendev. On the contrary the dwarves even increased their considerable wealth shifting their focus from luxury goods to weapons and armor in service of the crusaders who quickly found out that faith and dedication were all very well but a couple of feet of dwarven steel were even better when driven between a demon's horns.

Karthak early life was what could be expected for a young and wealthy dwarf, even in a town on the edge of the Abyss itself there were lots of things to do and pleasures to enjoy. The dwarf didn't mind the demons too much: they were kept in check by the ward stones and after all they were directly responsable for Karthak's clan good fortunes.

Obviously Karthak didn't realize the true nature of the worldwound, and worse he didn't consider what kind of recompense could be expected by understimating demons. He discovered all these unpleasant truths when, as a youth who had seen less than 30 winters, he had a close encounter with one of the foul beasts who had managed to slip through the wardstones. The demon attacked Karthak and would have undoubtedly slain him if not for the timely arrival of an inquisitor of Torag who managed to banish the creature before it can deliver the finishing blow to the young dwarf. This would have probably been the first and last lesson about demons in Kathak's life if it weren't for some strange twist of fate or maybe for the will of a benignat deity. Even badly mangled, somehow the dwarf survived. He entered a coma for several days and was given for dead more than once. Yet he always pulled back from death's door and in the end he opened his eyes to a world he now saw in a completely different light. Karthak was deeply changed by the experience, coming out of hi coma fully convinced Torag himself had guided his resquer and shielded him from harm despite his frivolous ways.

The same day he was declared out of danger Karthak left his clan's hold in Nerosyan and traveled to Highelm were he joined one of the most militant groups of Torag's faithful, rapidly finding his call as an inquisitor, specialized in ferretting out enemy agents and dealing with spellcasters.

But the dwarf always saw his training just as a first necessary step in a longer journey, he always meant to return to Mendev and bring the righteous wrath of Torag upon demons and their ilk. He was just making plans for returning home, when he learned about Stauton Vahne's betrayal. Discovering even dwarves, the true sons of Torag, could be corrupted by the forces of the Abyss Karthak was particularly incensed and immediately swore an holy vow of venegance before Torag and his ancestors, he would bring the dwarven traitor before justice or die while trying. It was armed with this steely determination that he started the long jorney towards Mendev and his destiny

Personality: Karthak is serious and gruff. He doesn't like idle talk, he doesn't like frivolous pastimes and he doesn't trust anyone but himself and possibly some other faithfuls of Torag. Karthak is a very driven dwarf, he has a goal and little else counts in his view but avenging the fallen and punishing the wicked. He harbors a special hatred for demonic cultists, as, in his view Demons are abominations by nature (and thus deserving of extermination) but those who choose to serve them are infinitely WORSE as the decide to give themselves and their fellows up in exchange of some mad dream of power. To get rid of these kind of people Karthak will likely do to almost any lengths.
That said Karthak respects courage and strength, and prides himself as being able to aknowledge other people's daring acts in service of good.
Karthak has a very precise idea of what Torag expects of him and the reason he thinks he was spared from the cultists all those years ago, and he thinks he exists to punish the wicked. He might very well be shocked to find out Torag is not only keen on good craftmanship and protecting the innocents but also about giving those who make a mistake a second chance. All things considered Karthak could find himself shocked to learn he still has a place for forgiveness in his hearth

Phisical Description: Karthak is rather high for a dwarf. He's well muscled and sports a proud red beard and matching hair. He has deep and chillingly blue eyes, that always seem to silently evalutate people around him, often founding them wanting.