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Flamehawke wrote:

I admit. I have this particular cover, but only due to the fact one of my players got it for me after hearing me comment I wanted the comic. They inquired as to which cover I liked best and I said the Merisiel one, but I didn't realize the shop had this version.

My player saw it and selected it for me. My eyes widened when I saw the price here on Paizo. I would never drop 200 dollars on a comic.

It's only the one without the title and logos that is $200; the normal version with this cover is $4.

Nicodemis Finch wrote:
This was my first module in my first campaign. My players and I really enjoyed it. We even had fun with random encounters in The Woods. I even sprouted some potential side quests and returning villans. This is a great first-timer module, plus it runs nicely into D1, D1.5 and D4. My only caution is that there's some work to be done if you're using the Pathfinder Core Rules.

What kind of work? I know this was written for 3.5 but I've actually been looking at this as my first attempt at DMing Pathfinder.