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As one of the new guys i'd like to thank Paizo for this great opportunity to start playing Pathfinder with my friends and anyone i might encounter on that journey. Pathfinder was always somewhat on the fringe of my bucket list, but i was always sort of discouraged by the sheer ammount of source material for it. The Humble Bundle deal sorted that very neatly for me without ripping my wallet, while donating to a good cause!

Sincere thanks for that!

To the community: Thanks for the warm welcome, that is not the norm and it is highly appreciated!
I'm a GM with 20 odd years of of experience in various systems, and i presume that i will end up being the GM in this system as well. But i'm fine with that, i guess i'm the better GM than Player to begin with.. or call it destiny. Heh.

At any rate: Thank you all very much for the opportunity and the welcome!