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Because I think knowing someone's usual playstyle can lend a lot of helpful context to their posts...
Most frequent stat gen method: 20 point buy
Roleplay-heavy (combat is still a game focus, but portraying a realistic and socially acceptable character is expected)
Primarily homebrew campaigns (custom settings) and adventure paths
Consistent group, online

Ever-increasing list of PCs:
Katlan d'Zolkhal, CG female half-orc inquisitor of the Traveler (Eberron)
Nalzij Latissier, LG female half-orc paladin of the Star (homebrew)
Kellan Thistleworth, NG male aasimar skald (homebrew)
Viva Silten, CE female human Impossible bloodline sorcerer (Golarion, Skull and Shackles)
Valtheria Azrinae, NE female half-drow rogue (Golarion)
Silvio Avencini, CG male half-elf oracle of life (homebrew)
Tanakhir, LG male tiefling cleric of Abadar (Golarion, Carrion Crown)
Zyllia, LN female sylph magus (homebrew)
Tiamine Malden, NG female human inquisitor/ex-paladin of Iluvatal (homebrew)
Adrian Kelton, LN male human mesmerist (homebrew)
- Narik Albion, LN male half-orc warpriest (cohort)
Azethe Fairbloom, LG female tiefling paladin of Sarenrae (Golarion, Carrion Crown)
Jacinth Adalrich, LG female aasimar paladin of Iomedae (Golarion, Wrath of the Righteous)
- Synlunae, LG female spyglass archon rogue (cohort)
Adhevai, LN male tiefling paladin of Vildeis (Golarion, Broken Chains)
Demetrius Valdimir, LG male dhampir cleric of Olheon (Golarion)
Verielle Glenroth, N female changeling arcanist (Ruins of Azlant)
Levi, LG male changeling mesmerist/mystery cultist of Lymnieris (Golarion, The Harrowing)
Cymne Nikephoros, NG female human bard (homebrew)
Victor Lyvester, LG half-orc paladin of Damerrich (well, statistically he's Iomedaean) (Golarion, Doomsday Dawn