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Fumarole wrote:
I use a 40" TV on my table for combat encounters, and when using the existing art enlarged to 1" grids it is blurry. Also, like you pointed out, the art in the book, while nice at its native resolution, doesn't capture everything that might be present in a location.

I do this as well, but I use Fantasy Grounds, and I highly recommend it. You get the same artwork from the book, but at a much higher resolution. If you want to add more detail, you can add tokens to the map and customize to your liking. You also get to take advantage of the built in fog-of-war tools.

To pull this off I run two instances of the program, running the GM instance on my laptop's primary screen and join the player instance via "localhost", using the TV as a second monitor.

For this purpose, you only need the standard $40 license to get yourself started with the Fantasy Grounds application. If you already own the PDF of a PF book, you can get a discount on said PF book in the Fantasy Grounds store equal to the PDF's price (so only a few dollars for adventures). This also works in reverse; buying a Paizo product from Fantasy Grounds gets you a free PDF.

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Hello Diego, a few more questions and clarifications:

Do I have to contact someone from Paizo to move a subscription product to the sidecart, or do I have that power? Is there a time limit for how long a subscription product can wait in the sidecart? Do I still get the free PDF copy while the hard copy waits in my sidecart? Thanks.

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If I'm subscribed to the Rulebook line and I subscribe to the Lost Omens line, will Lost Omens Character Guide ship in October and Game Mastery Guide ship in January? Or is it possible to hold the Lost Omens Character Guide in the Sidecart until January to save on shipping costs? Thanks.

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Do the free PDFs included with the subscriptions still apply discounts to synced Fantasy Grounds purchases? Does the content from the maps and tokens packs normally get published into Fantasy Grounds, and do those same PDF discounts apply?

The savings from Paizo Advantage sounds great, but I almost exclusively use Fantasy Grounds, and I'd like to know those savings would as least partially carry over to Fantasy before signing up.