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I personally wouldn't mess with added fatigue as the normal rules only apply fatigue if characters miss sleep anyway, so I don't see why this scenario would be any different. It was probably the writer not realizing exhaustion is not a PF2e mechanic.

Also does anyone know what the "business hours" of the bank actually are and what time the characters start their planning. It says that they have 12 hours till the bank reopens in the morning, but it also states that it is assumed that the characters rob it during the daytime...

Is this an appropriate place to report bugs/issues with the module? I can't seem to use "Send E-mail" button on the module support section of the Foundry module.

Hi, I'm 26 and male, I've been playing and DM'ing TTRPG's for about 3 years now on Roll20 & Foundry. I've really only had experience in 5e and Starfinder (A system I found frustrating to run) I enjoy DM'ing but I feel like I've lost my muse and I want to play some more TTRPG's.

System(s): PF2E (Open to other systems, prefer D20)

Interests: I enjoy both combat and RP, I would really like to join a game of PF2E as it looks like a really cool system. At some point I will want to DM in it but I want to try out being a play first to get a grasp of the system, I'd especially like to play in the Abomination Vaults campaign as it sounds pretty fun, I like the idea of dungeon crawls (I love video games like them)

Availability: Timezone GMT/UTC 0. I am available most of the week and possibly on the weekends, I am between jobs at the moment, looking for a job, so a game in the evening would be ideal for when I secure a job. I do play in a game on the weekend, sometimes the day can be Sat/Sun and will change at a short notice. I also play/rotate DM with another group of friends and we usually play on Thursday.

Does any one have any advice on how to run Gulta? There seems to be a lot going on there with the alert level and cameras and stuff.

Yeah it would be nice to know when the FAQ/errata is coming, even if it's just a Soon™. There's some rules that really need clarification on how they're intended to work, other that really need improvements.

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Hi, to preface this I am a new DM and also new to the Starfinder rules. We are running Against the Aeon Throne, so possible minor spoilers for anyone who's not played it yet.

Recently a situation has cropped up in my game where we've been learning the stealth rules and it doesn't quite make a lot of sense. From what we can gather, if the enemy is unaware of you, you will either get a +40 bonus to your stealth roll, or a +20 if you've moved recently.

In our specific scenario my PC's have set up an ambush at a graveyard, waiting for a patrol to pass by and attack them. There's an iron wrought fence around the graveyard which according to the AP provides cover and also a +4 circumstance bonus to stealth checks if you hide behind it.

Opposite the graveyard across the path is the jungle forest, which is said to provide partial cover, I've also said it would provide +2 circumstance bonus to stealth checks too. Now going by the rules, they should get the +40 bonus because they have time to set this ambush up, plus they can also take 20 on the stealth roll. So this is a +60 before they even add modifiers.

This seems absurd, going by rules an ambush is always going to guarantee you a surprise round on every monster, regardless of their perception modifier. It will also be incredibly deadly against players if there's ever an ambush set up for them. This may be intended, but it sill feels iffy...

My questions are:

Is the bonus supposed to apply out of combat or only in combat?
Is it only supposed to apply to invisibility, was it a mistake when they said it applied to unawareness?
Why even give the fence a circumstance bonus to stealth if it wouldn't matter?
How would you rule the situation?
Am I the only one who feels this is really unusual?