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Full Name



HP 26, AC 19, F +6, R +10, W +5


Kobold ranger snarecrafter 2







Strength 10
Dexterity 18
Constitution 10
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

About Kadosh

[ spoiler=Status]
HP 26/26
AC 19
Fort +6, Ref +10, Will +5
Hero points: 1
Focus Points: 2/2
Quick snares prepped: alarm snare []; poison barbs snare [], deadweight snare [], battering snare []

[dice=+1 Fangwire (agile, finesse, grapple)]1d20+9[/dice]
[dice=Damage (slashing, backstabber?, gravity weapon?)]1d4[/dice]
[dice=Crit (deadly d8)?]1d8[/dice]
[dice=+1 Fangwire (agile, finesse, grapple), iterative vs. hunted prey]1d20+9-2[/dice]
[dice=Damage (slashing, backstabber?, gravity weapon?)]1d4[/dice]
[dice=Crit (deadly d8)?]1d8[/dice]
[dice=+1 Fangwire (agile, finesse, grapple), iterative 2 vs. hunted prey]1d20+9-4[/dice]
[dice=Damage (slashing, backstabber?, gravity weapon?)]1d4[/dice]
[dice=Crit (deadly d8)?]1d8[/dice]
When you hit a flat-footed creature, this weapon deals 1 precision damage in addition to its normal damage. The precision damage increases to 2 if the weapon is a +3 weapon.

[dice=Jaws (unarmed, finesse)]1d20+8[/dice]
[dice=Jaws (unarmed, finesse), iterative vs. hunted prey]1d20+8-3[/dice]
[dice=Jaws (unarmed, finesse), iterative 2 vs. hunted prey]1d20+8-6[/dice]

Birthplace: Five Kings Mountains
Gender & Pronouns: He/Him
Ancestry: Kobold (strongjaw)
Background: Gunsmith (trapsmith*)
Class Ranger; Level: 2
Small Humanoid, Kobold
AL N; Deity: --
Languages: Aklo, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Undercommon
Perception: [dice=Perception (expert), darkvision]1d20+7[/dice]
Special Senses: Darkvision

Hit Points: 26 (6 ancestry, 10 class)
AC: 19 (trained, +4 Dex, +1 armor)
Armor leather (+1 AC, +4 Dex Cap)
Armor proficiencies trained in light, medium, unarmed

Fortitude: [dice=Fortitude (expert)]1d20+ 6 [/dice]
Reflex: [dice=Reflex (expert)]1d20+ 10 [/dice]
Will: [dice=Will (trained)]1d20+ 5[/dice]
Class DC: 18 (trained)

Speed: 25 ft.

Weapon proficiencies trained in simple, martial, unarmed

Acrobatics (T, Dex)
[dice=Acrobatics (trained)]1d20+ 8 [/dice]

Arcana (T, Int)
[dice=Arcana (trained)]1d20+ 7 [/dice]

Athletics (T, Str)
[dice=Athletics (trained)]1d20+ 7 [/dice]

Crafting (T, Int)
[dice=Crafting (trained)]1d20+ 7 [/dice]

Deception (U, Cha)
[dice=Deception (untrained)]1d20+ 1[/dice]

Diplomacy (U, Cha)
[dice=Diplomacy (untrained)]1d20+ 1 [/dice]

Intimidation (U, Cha)
[dice=Intimidation (untrained)]1d20+ 1 [/dice]

Lore (engineering) (T, Int)
[dice=Lore (engineering) (trained)]1d20+ 7 [/dice]

Medicine (U, Wis)
[dice=Medicine (untrained)]1d20+ 1[/dice]

Nature (T, Wis)
[dice=Nature (trained)]1d20+ 5 [/dice]

Occultism (T, Int)
[dice=Occultism (trained)]1d20+ 7 [/dice]

Performance (U, Cha)
[dice=Performance (untrained)]1d20+1 [/dice]

Religion (T, Wis)
[dice=Religion (trained)]1d20+ 5 [/dice]

Society (T, Int)
[dice=Society (trained)]1d20+7 [/dice]

Stealth (T, Dex)
[dice=Stealth (trained)]1d20+8[/dice]

Survival (T, Wis)
[dice=Survival (trained)]1d20+5[/dice]

Thievery (T, Dex)
[dice=Thievery (trained)]1d20+8[/dice]

Ancestry Feats and Abilities
* 1st: Snare Setter: You are adept at the time-honored kobold art of trap making. You gain the trained proficiency in Crafting. If you were already trained in Crafting, you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You gain access to all uncommon kobold snares. You gain the Snare Crafting feat, though when choosing your formulas for that feat, you can also choose from uncommon kobold snares, as well as common snares.
* 1st: Kobold Weapon Familiarity: You've trained with weapons ideal for subterranean efficiency. You are trained with the crossbow, greatpick, light pick, pick, and spear. You also gain access to all uncommon kobold weapons. For the purpose of determining your proficiency, martial kobold weapons are simple weapons, and advanced kobold weapons are martial weapons.
3rd: xx

General Feats
* 3rd: xxx

Skill Feats
* Background: Quick Repair
* 2nd: Terrain Stalker (underbrush): While undetected by all non-allies in underbrush, you can Sneak without attempting a Stealth check as long as you move no more than 5 feet and do not move within 10 feet of an enemy at any point during your movement. This also allows you to automatically approach creatures to within 15 feet while Avoiding Notice during exploration as long as they aren’t actively Searching or on guard.

Class Feats and Abilities
* Feature 1st: Hunt Prey
* Feature 1st: Hunter’s Edge (flurry)
* 1st: Gravity Weapon [one-action] (somatic) You build up gravitational force and funnel it into your blows, leading to more powerful attacks with blade and bow alike. On your first weapon Strike each round, you gain a status bonus to damage equal to twice the number of weapon damage dice. (Duration 1 minute)
* 2nd: Snare Hopping [two-actions] (somatic, verbal) Range 10 feet; Targets one snare you built; You may not have placed your snare in the right place, but you can magically move it there. You teleport the target snare to another unoccupied location in range.

Archetype Feats
* 2nd (free): Snarecrafter dedication: You've learned to create a limited number of snares at no cost. Each day during your daily preparations, you can prepare four snares from your formula book for quick deployment; if they normally take 1 minute to Craft, you can Craft them with 3 Interact actions. The number of snares increases to six if you're a master in Crafting and eight if you're legendary. Snares prepared in this way don't cost you any resources to Craft.


Gear: leather armor (2 gp), fangwire (4 gp), snare kit (5 gp), repair kit (2 gp), formula book (1 gp), writing set (1 gp)

0 gp

Snare forumulas:
Level 1: alarm snare, hampering snare, battering snare, poison barbs snare, spike snare, signalling snare
Level 2: deadweight snare, flare snare