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transmuter (brown furred) 9












Common, Draconic, Goblin, Undercommon, Ancient Osirioni


Historian. The snark is free.

Strength 7
Dexterity 20
Constitution 18
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 10
Charisma 7

About Justin_Norvegicus

AC 21 (+4 mage armor +5 dex +1 size, Mithral buckler (until full attacking))

HP 94 (18 effective con, 2 hp retrained) Doesn't die till -22

Fort +12 (+2 base +3 cloak +4 con +1 Bonus trait +2 rat familiar ) +2 vs disease, +2 expendable on nauseated and sickened.
Reflex +10 (+2 base +3 cloak +5 dex)
Will +9 (+6 base +3 cloak)

CMB +0 Str based/ +7 Dex based
CMD 16 10 -2 str +5 dex +4 bab -1 size

Full Attack

Claw [[1d20+10]] for [[1d4+5+2]]
Claw [[1d20+10]] for [[1d4+5+2]]
Bite [[1d20+10]] for [[1d4+5+2]]
Gore [[1d20+10]] for [[1d4+5+2]]
Tailblade [[1d20+5]] ([[1d2+2+2]]


Disable device +15 (8 ranks 5 dex 2 masterwork tools) Scroll of arem zeys focus on tap.

Knowledge arcana +15
Knowledge dungeoneering +9
Knowledge engineering +9
knowledge geography +8
Knowledge history +22 (8 ranks +5 int +3 trained +2 scarab sage faction card +2 chronicle boon +2 scholar ). +1 with ancient sites. +2 with osirion sites. Can be used in place of a knowledge or perception check in an ancient site once per scenario.
Knowledge local +9
Knowledge nature +13
Knowledge planes +11
Knowledge religion +9
Linguistics +9
Perception +15 (8 ranks +2 ratfolk +5 eyes of the eagle)
Sleight of hand +6 (1 rank +5 dex)
Spellcraft +9
Stealth +10 ( 1 rank +5 dex +4 size)
UMD +9 (6 rabjs -2 cha +3 trained +2 ratfolk)


Slow speed
Darkvision 60
Rodent empathy----> cleanliness (+2 vs disease)
Tinker (+2 umd perception craft alchemy)

Weapon finesse
Sharp claw
Arcane strike
Pirhana Strike

Arcanist exploits

1st: Dimensional Slide
3rd: Archtyped for Powerful change
5th: Quick Study
7th: Familiar (Algernon)


Transmuter of Korada
Wayang Spell hunter (reduce person)

Major Equipment

Wand of CLW 20 charges
Darkwood heavy xbow
mw Cold Iron tailblade
MW thieves tools
Wand of mage armor (40)
Agile amulet
Animal mask, Boar
Agile Amulet
Mithral buckler
Cheat sheath
Tome of the transmuter (prep ritual gives a +2 natural armor bonus for 2 hours with polypurpose pancea)
Eyes of the eagle
Cloak of resistance +3
scroll: arem zeys focus
Ring of Rat fangs
Wand Heightened awareness 32 charges
Shifters headband of int +2
Extend rod, lesser
Extend rod, 4-6
Bucket of magnesium
Handy Haversack
Pathfinder chronicles in all knowledge skills
Familiar carrier
3 gryphon mane monks outfits
3 Cracked deep red ioun stones


0 : Det magic, read magic, prestidigitation, mending, light, disrupt undead message

1 (5):Grease, liberating command, Long Arm, Magic Missile, polypurpose Pancea

2 (5): cats grace, bulls strength, bears endurance, see invisibility, Glitterdust

3rd (5): haste, monstrous Physique I, Heroism.

4th (4) Mon. Physique II, TK charge


Enlarge person reduce person grease magic missile shocking grasp shield chill touch youthful appearance burning hands monkeyfish expeditious retreat liberating command magic weapon and haul prot from evil alarm mage armor comp. languages feather fall hold poertal obscuring mists shield endure elements long arm obscuring mists snowball touch of the sea vanish crafters fortune


Cats grace bulls strength glitterdust see invis mirror image false life spider climb mw transformation snowball flaming sphere blind/deafen create pit gust of wind darkvision suppress charms and compulsions page bound epiphany


Dispel magic summon monster 3 fireball tongue fly haste water breathing beast shape greater magic weapon vampiric touch heroism Daylight (in stink ink) elemental body, Monstrous Physique I


Greater Invisibility, Telekenetic Charge, Akashic Record, Stoneshape, Monstrous physique II, innocuous appearance


Familiar. Sage.

AC 16
Hp 33

Str 2
Dex 15
Con 11
int 12
wis 14
Chr 2

Attack: Touch +8

Knowledge Arcana: +10
Knowledge dungeon +10
Knowledge Engineering +10
Knowledge Geography +10
Knowledge History +12
Knowledge Local +10
Knowledge nature +10
Knowledge nobility +13
Knowledge Planes +10
Knowledge religion +10

?{ Perception, If i can see over the counter I can see **Perception [[1d20+15]]** | Disable device, Disable device [[1d20+15]]| Knowldge Arcana, Knowledge arcana [[1d20+15]] | Knowledge Dungeongeoneering, Knowledge dungeoneering [[1d20+9]] | Knowledge Geography, Knowledge Geography [[1d20+8]]| Knowledge History, Knowledge History [[1d20+22]] +1 with ancient sites +2 with osirion sites| Knowledge Local, Knowledge Local [[1d20+9]] | Knowledge nature, Knowledge Nature [[1d20+13]] | Knowledge planes, Knowledge planes [[1d20+11]] | Knowledge Religion, Knowledge religion [[1d20+9]] | Linguistics, Linguistics [[1d20+9]] | Sleight of hand, Sleight of hand [[1d20+6]]| Spellcract , Spellcraft +9 [[1d20+9]]| Stealth, [[1d20+10]] | Use Magic Device, Use magic Device [[1d20+9]]