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The Shadow Walker wrote:

My issue isn't about missing reporting either, but the threads that are about my issue are all getting locked in favor of this one.

Reporting for Dead Suns Book 1 is defaulting to a max of 4 Fame when the actual max should be 5.

Experiencing the same problem described above.

And here: Dead Suns GM and PC Fame Issue

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Wow, those blocks were hard to read, but yeah, I agree with the a lot of the others here. It sounds like the GM doesn't understand what drones are for and how they can be used.

It also sounds like you shouldn't approach problems in this way or you'll end up making the situation worse for yourself.

As LittleMissNaga says above, present some hard rules evidence of what your character is capable of doing with your drone. There are plenty of rules relating to what actions you can take with your drone and how long they take/which ones it can do without direct control. Make sure you cover several scenarios with direct rules references to back you up.

If this GM truly plays hard by the rules, then he'll appreciate solid rules references.

Lastly, I'd put this particular incident behind you, frustrating as it may be right now. Don't let one stick up ruin the enjoyment for you and your group!

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Good luck, yea, they should replace it. I had a similar issue with my Limited Edition 3.5 D&D book back in the day. Pages stuck together because of page lining and binding coming off.

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I'd happily take a spineless Starfinder Core book at this point. Mine hasn't even shipped.

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How many pages are in the "Hit refresh until order shipped" section?

How many pages in the "Download my PDF now" section?

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It's easy to relate to the human race, and there's not much that prevents humans from becoming extremely powerful in this genre.

I think people would rather stick with what they know than risk botching the RP of a foreign mindset, munchkins excluded.