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Hey Hey,

Chemlak, you continue to be a marvel of modern technology, the sooner we upload you the better :-)

What is the easiest way to move an existing nation from an older version of the spreadsheet to the most recent?

I'd like to see:
An end to Vancian magic
A complete and integrated economy (for buying, selling, crafting, downtime, kingdom building) that makes sense.

Following on from Chemlak's and those who also helped, I offer an extracted version of Building tab from the spreadsheet.

I added a:
"Discount From:" column
"Economy/BP" column
"Loyalty/BP" column
"Stability/BP" column
"Unrest/BP" column

The last four allow users to easily sort to see what will give the best "bang for buck". The "Discount From:" aids in planning.

Positive numbers in the "Unrest/BP" column are bad :-)

It can be found at: Building Sheet

Chemlak and others should feel free to take it and use it as you will :-)

PS Let me know if you have any issues accessing it, I don't have much experience in sharing docs like this.

Hey Chemlak, you rock mate! Thanks for all your hard work on this and I look forward to the UR version when you can :-)

Again mate, many thanks!

I'll try and be specific.

Does the description of the Agile Breastplate override the Acrobatics skill description.

Breastplate, agile or not, is medium, therefore a character wearing it has 20ft movement,

Acro skill says: "Creatures with a base land speed below 30 feet receive a –4 racial bonus on Acrobatics checks made to jump for every 10 feet of their speed below 30 feet."

But the "Agile" says -1 to Climb and Jump. But it is still medium armour and therefore drops a character's speed...

Which wins?