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Almost 20 people FAQed, seriously over almost 3 years no ruling on this?

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Here's the table Link

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Just went through it again. Intimidate to change their opinion of you also takes a minute... damn. So I went through all the skills and made a chart. Here's the results (since I don't know how to post charts here):

Always works for perception / appraise / Use Magic Device / All knowledges (not when using library) / acrobatics/climb/fly/ride/swim / stealth / slight of hand.

Mostly works for bluff (simple lies, feinting, creating diversion to hide) / Escape artist (except manacles/rope) / Disable Device (Open (any) Locks, disable simple other devices) / Handle Animal (Push and handle).

Also works on Diplomacy when making simple Requests / Intimidate when demoralizing opponents / Heal when used for First Aid or Treating Poison / Spellcraft when used to identify spells in Combat / Survival to find tracks and avoid getting lost.

Can work on Disguise, when used with Spell to speed it up / Perform when there's a bard with versitile performance / Profession for answering questions related to one's background.

So to sum it up: all the physicals work. UMD and Knowledge work, and the one's you'd expect (i.e. which normally take up to a full round to use). I was surprised by simple lies and simple requests being one round actions. So you could lie to get out of the hostile mode and then request to stop fighting so you can prove to them, that you're on their side.

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I agree with Jodakai and would like to know if Paladin is still worth it, or if the feat is sufficient replacement. - Obviously it doesn't also grant you smite and lay on hands, so paladin still has merit.

It's not thread-cromancy if it wasn't dead, and the internet contents are like elves... they rarely die of age.

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I dislike resetting traps of all kinds now. Where do they get their energy from? Why no charges? I'd rule a wand of sorts is part of the trap and is what makes it so expensive, and when charges are used up the trap mechanics keep working, but the magic doesn't.

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Cheapy wrote:

They can make saves. They are not actions.

If someone is completely bound up and a fireball is dropped on them, they still get the saving throw. Why? Because saves ALWAYS have an element of luck to them, as denoted by the dice roll.

Interesting thought though! - While the dice are the element of luck the reflex bonus is an element of skill... You could close your eyes when the fireball drops, and it might help not have them be burned out, but it's nothing compared to jumping behind cover in a dungeon. As a player I could see giving up the dexterity component of the reflex bonus to a save while completely immobile.

Some other sources (Paladin's devine grace, magical items, etc.) would totally still apply. -- But I guess it's all too complicated to figure out to be worth the hasstle. If the system uses any kind of points for failing in interesting or sensical ways, that can be used later to succeed or influence the story in interesting or sensical ways, I'd roll with just the few luck/devine/magic bonuses that I can remember off the top of my head (if any) - or just fail the save voluntarily if it seems unlikely to oneshot me. Already bound afterall.

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How much does a +1d6 help? Inspiration ability of the Investigator.

also 2 lvls of Psychic Searcher ( le-archetypes/psychic-searcher) can do that all day long.