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Down in the Darklands there were few you could find that would consider the Green Faith a power to be reckoned with. After all, where would they gather? There were no trees or valleys of flowers, no gardens like the surface. What few knew though, was that a far more insidious sect of the Green Faith called the underground it's home. The Ebon Garden created strange, shadowfed plants adapted to the strange magic that radiated in the Darklands more remote regions. Plants that shine like obsidian in whatever light touches them.

But Ebon Fang was not content to change one aspect of nature, and moved on to experimenting on more complex lifeforms. Most died, becoming excellent fertilizer as their bodies broke down. Too weak to endure the processes they went through for long. It was no until one particularly clever worshipper tried the experiment on an unborn child did they have success. Soon a group of young were being raised as the swords and shields of the group. One in particular was more sword than shield, and showed great talent in hunting down prey and, on occasion, dissenters to the cause. His talents only grew and diversified, until his views began to shift away from the group and, in a bloody day, he left.

Since then that same tiefling, Juco Aki, has worked as a hired blade. Whether drow, duergar, or even an aboleth, as long as the gems were high quality he did the job. Caravan guard? An emerald. Assassination? Fire opal. Assassinating a mage or priest? Two diamonds. His prices were, mostly, fair for the Darklands. Soon he became know less as Juco Aki and more as "Hellfang", a moniker referencing his diabolic heritage and his tendency to bite his targets viciously.

A string of good luck had Juco overconfident and sloppy one of the few times it was critical not to be. It was supposed to be a simple job. In and out slaying, a ruby in his pouch, and a night with some company after. He never saw the drow in the cavern above. He barely felt the half dozen bolts bury into his back before his eyes clouded over and he blacked out from the poison. The next thing he knew he was being released from his manacles and shoved into a pit with several lizardfolk. Originally the fight was against a two rabid owlbears.

As soon as those were dead however, Juco turned on the reptilians and tore them apart with claws and fangs. Dripping with blood and amid the roar of the watching crowd, Juco walked back into the holding cells calmly and without restraints or being forced to.

He was a hunter, and now his prey was freedom. He'd be patient and wait, stalking his prey until the time was right to claim it...