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My biggest question right now is if there is any reason not to update what's currently in the full P6 Codex rules (not the abridged) to use the unchained Barbarian, Monk, and Rogue instead of the originals...

Any thoughts?

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Been very tied up in work, but am still plugging away. Right now the abridged is the only complete version available. I am almost done with a first pass through the core classes (the ones up through Paladin are available on

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Sandbox wrote:

The domain Paladin unlocking alignments seems like a very large step away from core for a project so deeply rooted in core rules...


Ok, just added the first draft of the ranger to

and, took your suggestion to back out the archetypes/alternate/non-core classes to .

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GM_Solspiral wrote:
Is a mid to high level party in need of a rogue if they have a pair of these?

But the feet don't do door, chest, or ladder traps; disable repeat usage traps; open locks; scout ahead for purposes of reporting back; help you flank and butcher the flankee; be quiet sneaking down the hall (without magical help); or find secret doors. And if the traps would seriously be a threat to a mid-level rogue, then the feet will be out of commission after the first one if not destroyed.

Do figurines of wondrous power replace high-level rogues too?

GM_Solspiral wrote:
Another issue is the logistical issues for GMs who now have to decide on the fly if the trap is going to affect he feet or not (for example a pressure plate triggered arrow trap would prolly miss despite the low level ac of the feet because the crossbow is aimed higher.)

I hadn't thought about this one. Does this come up height-wise for familiars, animal companions (many who weigh more than a halfling), or crawling characters? If the Rogue notes the arrow holes for a trap, is it common to make them disable the trap, or can they just see what height the arrows are at and either have the party jump or duck?

(And thanks for your feedback on my item over in your thread - I hope to give you a better one to review next year!)

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James Thomas wrote:

Please critique my item!

Pickled Orc’s Feet

This was my favorite item and the one I wish I'd thought of. I'm glad you posted it, and I'm interested to hear why the more experienced folks think it didn't do better.

What grabbed me first was the image it evokes of the feet... both in the canister and then running down the hallway. That they still weigh 190 lbs. jumped out at me too. Beyond being cool and interesting, it also seemed well balanced, just useful enough, not too jokey, and I'd never thought of anything like it.

I was expecting someone to note that it "violates SKR's rule #22" by making adventuring safer (as Jacob notes above). It does, but I wasn't that worried about it because I think the 20 lb weight and presumed physical size would prevent people from carrying multiples and the low hit points mean it won't be usable that often even if it does live through its first trap. (Maybe a few fewer hit points would alleviate that even more?)

Compared to many of its competitors, it also avoided stacking up as many powers as it could (a bunch of perfectly good items added one more power on top), wasn't too powerful for anything below levels 15, didn't have a completely insane price, and wasn't of such bizarre or limited use that I wondered why anyone would bother making or buying it.

I agree with Jacob's formatting comments above and would definitely fix that next time. Reading the "Incessant Ramble" thread, it felt like a lot of voters had internalized SKR's 26 design traps and would reflexively nuke anything that hinted at violating one of them. Having the formatting errors and making adventures safer (and maybe seeming jokey?) might have doomed it with those voters in spite of its other qualities. Maybe I took #27 ("An awesome item may disregard the other advice") too much to heart and the feet didn't deserve to be a top 32 item... but I certainly didn't see 100 that were better than it!

I'd take Jacob's advice to heart...

Jacob W. Michaels wrote:

You've clearly got lots of imagination evident in this item, so I think you're close.

... focus on refining your skills and the details, and stomp your way into the top 32 next year.

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14 months (I liked 7 for moons before, so twice as good).

Timpani, the month of rains and traditional time for tears of remembrance of things both good and bad. Named for a water goddess who also gave her name to the instrument.

9 day weeks - 3 work, 1 rest, 3 work, 1 rest, 1 day of festivals (a different one each week).

Farael, the first day of the week and the day after the day of festivals. Fallen from the heights of the day before (especially with no day of recovery).

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0 worlds (this one's the focus), 7 moons (5 classic Chinese elements + good and evil), 0 suns (because it sounds slightly more interesting for a dream than 2)

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Walking to and from lunch today has given me a new appreciation of all of those travelling/endure elements items!

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Learned my third new (real life) word of the contest. :-)

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It's my first year -- I'm really impressed by how smoothly the voting system works.

I keep reading "WORDS" as the last word in the item descriptions for the ones where the -# are at the end of the previous line though!

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:::tears of joy:::

I finally got my item... and it was paired against one it was legitimately better than.

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I really need to stop voting and start catching up on work.

But what I really want is a "Both items are worse than anything in the Core Rulebook" button instead of the "Both items are equally good/bad" one.

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P6 Codex is an implementation of E6 for Pathfinder. By limiting regular PC and NPC advancement to 6th level (feats are gained after that point) it allows the game to focus on the gritty and heroic stages... without worrying about what the super-heroic arch-mage and fighter a few blocks over are planning.

A .pdf of the Abridged P6 Codex is currently available in its beta version at It contains the P6 Codex rules for post 6th level advancement for players just interested in applying P6 to the Core Rulebook (without all of the extras from the non-Core books).

I'm looking forward to any comments, especially on places you think it might be missing its target.

The full P6 Codex rule set should be ready this fall. It will contain a carefully selected subset of the various Advanced and Ultimate options and contains new rules for NPC classes and non-adventuring advancement. Two supplements in the spring will cover all of the classes that the standard rules leave out.